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  1. What I mean to say is that it feels like I'm on a conveyor belt. The short wait times means that the conveyor belt is moving really fast. It also feels like my decisions aren't that meaningful. For instance, I've only bought a few items, and maybe two pieces of equipment. The reason? It is simply too easy and quick to level my characters and just train them up. It allows me to almost completely ignore one of the mechanisms in the game. Basically, these waiting style freemium games are all conveyor belts. You're working your way down a path, enjoying the story or the progress of your city/farm/tower/whatever. The way to make these game fun is to control the speed at which the player makes progress. If you're moving to slow, the game becomes a chore with not enough rewards. On the other hand, if progress is to quick the player simply sprints through the content provided then looses interest. If there is enough content, that sprint eventually turns to repetition and boredom. Like I said before, I think this game has pretty much everything down. The concept is interesting, the story and dialog are funny, and the art is bright and snappy. But the central mechanic, and the wait times specifically, is just not right. Don't let anyone fool you, longer wait times are not the devil. I once again recommend checking out NimbleBit's two games, Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes. While those games lack in any kind of story, they are engaging because the designers worked out that central mechanic.
  2. I grabbed this game thanks to a notification from the TouchArcade app. It's pretty cool, but I think that the wait times are awful short for this kind of game. For instance, if it took three or four hours to train a skill or increase health, while taking say 30 minutes to rest back up or raise morale, then I could settle into playing a standard waiting game. If, on the other end of the spectrum, I can simply spend points to level up characters or what have you, then its just a team building rpg. But as it stands now, its a waiting game that I need to monitor consistently. It only takes a few minutes to level up skills, but that's too short for me to go do something else, but too long to be engaging as I watch my other little heroes wander around the office. To be honest, I like the progression at the start of the game. I assumed that when a hero leveled up to two or three, that training them would take longer. Heading off to the gym to raise strength would take a few minutes at level 1, maybe five at level 2, 12 at level 3 and so on. But when I'm just power leveling my team of four heroes and am already over half way through the available areas of the city, I feel like I'm trapped on the other side of the balance fence. Everything is happening too quickly, and instead of feeling like I'm making progress of my own accord it's just a grind. Honestly, I still really like the game. The idea is fun, the dialogue is funny, and the art is snappy and clever. All of the blocks are in place, but I think the balance needs to reviewed, assuming you aren't already doing so. I'd suggest taking a look at Pocket Planes by NimbleBit. Not that you need to copy their games, but that game has a good, steady rise in wait time that keeps you coming back and updating your planes and buying new parts and all, but doesn't expect you to keep watch of it while the planes are in the air. Other than that, keep up the good work, and I look forward to restarting when the game officially launches "soon"!
  3. Yeah, I noticed the comic problem too. But I'll give the brass time to work out the kinks before I start amassing an army to storm the servers.
  4. For me!?! You shouldn't have!... But I'll keep it! Now, what does the new site eat? Hits? Then I shall visit it all the time, and we shall form the greatest alliance since America and Soviet Russia!
  5. So, I was heading over to the site to play some Host Master and the Conquest of Humor, when I am told that Double Fine will be back in a few minutes by 2HB. Sure, 2HB, I'll wait. I'm getting super great at it thanks to it not being Rocktober 13th yet. Next thing I know, NEW WEBSITE! Excitement, thine name is... uhm.. Excitement!
  6. CURSE YOU, CONGRESS! Why must you always place this nation's memorial holidays on Monday? We vote on Tuesday! What, Columbus not good enough for a Tuesday? You stuck up, Congress.
  7. I personally think that pre-fabricated bands the Kabbage Boy represents will always exist in the main stream, but I don't see how they would exist once the music stops raking in cash like crazy. Like how there were a ton of Big Bands in the 40's that put out one or two songs, or the way that Hanson jumped to fame with one irritatingly catchy song. Once a music stops being the current flavor, the music companies have no reason to continue to support them, and they fall apart. Hopefully Metal will reach the same point Jazz has, where it becomes totally pointless to try to fake your way in because everyone can spot the fraud.
  8. Thanks man. The baby's just about to take her nap, so this is great timing!
  9. I've been spending time looking into the confusion going around the interwebs, and I have to say, I too have some confusion. Is the demo out on XBox Live for folks with the pre-order code? I picked mine up the other day after work, but I've been paranoid about using it too early as the fine print on the back says it my be invalidated if I use it before the demo becomes available. So, has anyone who pre-ordered been able to use their code? I really appreciate the help guys, Gamestop is being particularly useless on this one.
  10. The 11:00 AM vs PM thing is bothering me... I'm gonna e-mail Gamestop and keep bothering them until they confirm one or the other.
  11. Did anyone read the fine print on the back of the Gamestop Demo Code thing? It says the demo starts at 11:00 PM PST September 17th. Great typing skills, Gamestop people.
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