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  1. Hi, When moving area to the pyramid in Shellmound for the first time my game crashed, but then it was fine the next time I tried it. Probably hard to replicate it. But figured I'd report it nonetheless. Using a Macbook Pro from early 2011, so quite old now! No issues other than that
  2. I was going to reply the one who escapes is Vella and that the two stories are happening simultaneously, but I see what you mean. The final game you play should be the one that relates to Shellmound, but in Shellmound there are only 2 sacrifice girls + Vella. Yet I am 90% sure that they were maidens being captured now. Hmmmm.
  3. I too smashed through it last night in the same manner you did soul source, but it was only today when I got back from a hectic time out that I realised Marek was making him "eat" those girls!! I had figured that Shay was linked to Mog pretty early on but I certainly didn't think he was inside it. Which for me raises some awesome thoughts: Alex sounds like he had suffered the same fate as Shay, yet had no idea what Mog was (as he helped Vella "kill" it). Also Marek is even more enigmatic to me now - if he wanted the girls why didn't he just do it himself? The old lady at the beginning of Vellas story said that Mog Chothra had come from a long line of Mogs, meaning this situation with someone like Marek has happened multiple times before, or am I missing something here? I haven't played a game where I've not been able to easily guess how it all wraps up in a long time. Great writing! Great game!
  4. I just wanted to say thanks for making a fantastic first act! It's exactly what I was hoping for - something that felt like a proper adventure with delightful characters and great humour. My favourite character was probably the spoon (for his monologue if you don't pick him up!), with the woodworker following closely behind. Each department did a super job, and should pat themselves on the back. Looking forward to Act 2! (I know I'm being quite saccharine but that's how I feel!)
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