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  1. Hi Kee, I'm running the official release from the UK store purchased a couple days ago on an iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.0.1 and have encountered the following bugs: 1. The previously mentioned unlimited money, items and superium bug on the "To Do" list, which wasn't too upsetting, I got some cool full strength characters out of it. 2. An animation bug when Sweet Justice was moving from the bedroom to the office directly below he walked over the top of the environment through objects and walls. 3. Lots of dropping in and out of the map when trying to drag it to look around. 4. But the one that has made the game unplayable now is that once I reached the boss of I think the 6th town (the one with the portal), once the big green foot appeared the game crashed to the home screen. The only way to get back into the app was killing it in the multitask menu and opening from scratch again. When I went back in to fight the boss again it crashed at the same part, and now whenever I try to complete that mission it just crashes as soon as I assign characters and the "Approved" stamp message appears, so I can no longer progress. It's the only application running on the phone at the time and I've restarted the phone a couple times too but to no avail. Anyways, hope that helps in your bug-fixing, if you need further info let me know. All the best -Matt
  2. I finished my first game collecting 7260 in 28:51. The keytar solo was a cool surprise.
  3. Last night (here in the UK) I was watching your final meeting on the live feed and when you all said goodbye and signed off it actually hit me a lot harder than I anticipated, so while I almost never post in forums I was struck with the desire to send you guys a letter of appreciation. It was 2am at that point so I thought I'd save writing it until today, but I've jumped on and seen that Ephezius here has beat me to the punch with pretty much everything I wanted to say (and probably written it more eloquently that I could have). I was a huge fan of the LucasArts games as a kid and I've tried to follow the careers of the developers that started there, playing any new games they developed at their new companies like Telltale, Hothead, Cavedog, etc, but Double Fine has always stood out as my favourite. I've clocked Psychonauts 3 times across both PC and XBox (twice collecting all figments and upgrades) and BrĂ¼tal Legend twice as well as completing Stacking, Costume Quest and its expansion, Iron Brigade and its expansion (I don't have a Kinect so haven't tried your other games). I guess what I'm trying to say is I think all your games are fantastic and I look forward to playing all the prototypes and anything you guys make in the future, but Ephezius's point about loyalty to a company and feeling part of a team is spot on. As a developer myself working with a team across 3 countries, we all just use Skype to communicate, so having the live feed to your office really amped up the emotional investment in what you guys do. From the bottom of my heart, keep being awesome, and if you ever need anything (beer, a tour guide to London, a multi-touch application developer) give me a shout. All the best -Matt
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