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  1. ditto.. thanks for not posting spoilers on this thread to everyone else who has the game though! I just came to make sure I wasn't the only one without the link at this point.
  2. Are you sure they haven't? Hours and hours of documentary, art being made, music drafts being shown... I think they've delivered. No. They have not delivered. They created a scope that exceeded the budget. Personally I would have preferred no documentary and a functional game. Again, just my opinion but prove you've got what it takes to successfully manage and deliver on a project before asking the public to fund additional efforts. To the person who posed the hypothetical. No, I wouldn't have a problem with that because I'm not funding it in your hypothetical. If I were their publisher in that scenario I would raising some concerns. I still have optimism that df will deliver a great game. That being said I think it's in bad form to ask the public to source a second effort without delivering on the first. My inclination is that there is a bit of a Ponzi scheme at work here with funds from this new kickstarter campaign being used in part to fund the final sprints for brokenage. Now, let me ask you what I feel is a more relevant hypothetical. Lets say you are a publisher that has commissioned DF to make a game. You've funded the effort and received updates throughout the process. As the project winds down DF informs you they are running out of money, the release date is in serious jeapordy and major sacrifices must be made to complete the game without adding additional time and money to the project. As your digesting this news DF pulls out some storyboards and starts pitching you on a new project. As a publisher would you be tripping over yourself to fund a second project when your first deliverable is still pending with serious concerns ? I thinks the folks at DF are tremendously talented developers and creative minds. They're also funny, endearing and cool. I do not question their desire, dedication, or integrity. I believe whatever decisions are made they are trying to do the right thing. I do question their ability to adhere to a budget and to deliver a game in scope and on schedule. The on schedule component being least important. Delivering a complete and fun game is really all that matters to me. That being said I do want to evaluate their first effort before funding subsequent efforts. By the way.. Big credit to this community for not flaming my response. I've read through this thread and admire many of the posters and their perspectives. It's not black and white, that much is certain. Good luck to DF, this game and its backers. I'm sure ill end up purchasing a copy post release.
  3. I'd prefer them to have proven an ability to manage a budget, and make an awesome game within those confines. I can't believe how many people invested in their new kickstarter campaign on the heels of this fiasco.
  4. I am a direct and honest person, so that's the feedback you can expect from me. Personally, I think it's in bad form to launch another kickstarter when you haven't delivered on the first. I am having a terrific time following the development of 'Broken Age' and fully expect it to be an amazing game when it is released. That doesn't change my impression that it's tacky to be back at the coffers asking for your fans to support another project on the heels of an incomplete one. I am actually looking forward to supporting another project from DoubleFine. I hoped you would launch another Kickstarter campaign I could get behind. If it were the day following Broken Age's release I would have been thrilled. The timing of this does sap some of my enthusiasm, though. I'll consider supporting the project once I get the bad taste out of my mouth... I'm not sure why this bugs me so much, but it does. OTOH supporting 'Broken Age' so far has been more fun than I anticipated and I do expect a great game. Even if 'Broken Age' is terrible I also feel my money has been well spent with the documentary alone. I've actually adopted some ideas I picked off watching the videos and implemented them within my development group. Crazy, I know... Even though I am clearly a little bit bitter about the timing I still want to wish you the best. Good Luck and hopefully my attitude will come around soon.
  5. Why do developers continue to target the iPhone first? The share of the market of Android phones > share of the market with iPhones. Tablets are not far behind and may have already been surpassed as well. Plus IOS is garbage.
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