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  1. Just finished Act 1. My two cents: - I think the writing, performances, sound design, music, and animation are all fantastic. - The art style wouldn't have been my first choice, but I grew to enjoy it as the game went on. - The puzzles were surprisingly easy. I didn't really feel like I did any work at all. Almost as if I was just clicking to continue the story, which was kind of disappointing. Felt very much like it was made for young children. I think you may be underestimating your audience. - I wonder if the production value maybe overtook the design of the actual "game." As a game I don't think I would revisit it. - Being a backer I would say I'm VERY satisfied considering what I got for the price (Game + Documentary), and am looking forward to Act 2. - I would also encourage another kickstarter for perhaps a lower-fi game, that put more emphasis on gameplay/puzzle-solving over graphics. I would be happy to back again. Anyway, thanks for making it!
  2. This is a very cool insight for people like me who are interested in the processes of real-world, creative team management. It's really exceeding any expectations I had when I first donated to this project. Thanks!
  3. • Cramped living room at the bottom of a well • An entire city made of blanket forts • Castle in an aquarium • Wrecked golden pirate ship on an asteroid • Cotton candy factory run by cats, fueled by human blood • Wild and overgrown totem pole graveyard • Ocean of psychedelic wallpaper patterns • Laundry room in the basement of a laboratory • A mainframe of reel-to-reel machines in a hollowed out volcano • Stuffed-animal abattoir • Blacklight jellyfish spaceship • An enormous tongue
  4. • Inside a colossal skeleton • Computerized gothic castle inside a black hole • Mountain floating in a cloud • Abandoned glass city / cave • Ocean floor • Space station shaped like a giant head • A haunted lighthouse on the moon • Space submarine • The interior of the sun (clockwork) • 8-bit forest at night • Earth's chocolate core • DOS interface • Sub-basement of an evil factory • Robotic pyramid that walks around in a swamp • Labyrinth of spider webs • Rotted candy land / fat ghosts
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