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  1. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the trailer at the VGA awards:) But when I saw it on Fig and how low it was set I knew there wasn't going to be an issue with the funding. Hell if they stuck it on Kickstarter I'm sure they'd be able to raise quite a bit more considering some people aren't too familiar with Fig.
  2. All of you have made me a very happy Psycho-Nut I jumped on board your new Fig Psychonauts 2 project yesterday and as I predicted you have a boat load of support for the new game. I'm crossing my fingers that you guys raise at least twice your goal if not more. On another note you really planned the announcement at the VGA awards perfectly and what a kick-ass trailer!! I just want to say thank you with all my heart, I know this project will be a true labor of love from all of you.
  3. Obviously I'm very passionate about this game, so much so that my comments got a little out of hand. I hope that DF would someday revisit the idea of a new Psychonauts game. It always brings back a lot of fond memories and I do thank you very much for those:) There are only a handful of games that I cherish enough to be sentimental about, it truly takes my inner child to meet imaginary friends and crazy adventures. I guess it reminds me of watching Gene Wilders' version of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, crazy; fun and amazing!
  4. You can't compare the cost of making a game so long ago to today because the cost has gone down a lot!!! The reason so many independent title's are being developed is related to the ease of creating games using today's powerful gaming engines. The new engines like Unreal allow for muti-platform development easier without all the overhead. If you would compare a game created now-a-days you'd fine a huge cut in development cost, and yes I am one of those developers! However it is true I'm not looking at the the writers; voice actors; advertising; artist and so on, i'm only looking at program implementation. I know there's a lot of love for Double Fine and this title, so I'd think there are professionals (artist;actors and the such) that would be willing to offer their time just to see this title return. Why not do a campaign to test the waters to see who'd be willing to lend a hand in the making of Psychonauts.
  5. I have a hard time believing that it would cost anywhere near those number and I could site a few good examples for you. InXile was able to make some very large games for a lot less then 10 mill! So excuse me if call your bull what it is BULL...
  6. The idea of having a followup to such a great game as Psychonauts is a wonderfully wacky idea, I'm sure you would have the support of all DF fans and then some! KickStartering Psychonauts is a perfect idea and is sure to be a great boost to the studio. Here's hoping you guys will take the challenge and move forward with making something every Double Fine fan is truly looking forward too.
  7. It's easy to have doubts in the middle of a project like this one, been there myself quite a few times! Backers like myself love you guys and know that you have our best interest in mind every step of the way:) Thanks for keeping your promise with all the video updates, just getting all the insight is well worth supporting the project. Now if you guys could just start a Psychonauts 2 Kickstarter I would be giddy..... I'm probably the 1,000,000 person to hint at such a thing.
  8. It's fascinating watching all of you dreaming up weird fantasy worlds. The drawings are great and each artist take on adventure just adds to the excitement of what I know is going to be something special. Thanks for the peek into your talented minds, the view is wondrous...
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