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  1. woo! great to hear! jscheide, let me know if a driver update fixes things for you too!
  2. Yeah there is no difference. Thanks for posting it though! I hope we can find a fix because we don't have the specific hardware. Really appreciate it, you two!
  3. Yeah since you guys have the same hardware and os it is definitely related, but what I'm trying to figure out is if we can make a fix on our side with the rendering to be compatible with your specs. Cygnus, if you get a different log from the one you previously posted when playing part of the game where there are obviously missing effects, then let me know!
  4. Hmm, I was hoping there would be some kind of shader-related error since the particle shader is one of our more complicated ones, but it looks like it is not so obvious. This is very bizarre indeed.
  5. Hmm, nothing unusual in these start up logs--the immutable texture thing is just an option and not an error. Yeah, if you could play through a section of the game that should definitely have fx and send me the log output that would be great! Thanks so much for helping with debugging, you two! This is the joy of pc development
  6. If you have time, can you run with the following -- 1) Right click on Broken Age in Steam 2) Select “Properties” 3) Click on “Set launch options…” 4) Type “—log” (two dashes in front of log) in the text field and click “Okay” 5) Run the game 6) Locate the file “BrokenAge.log” next to the executable (e.g. by browsing the local files in Steam) 7) Post the log It's at least good that both of you who have the issue have the same specs!
  7. Thanks you two! We will try to figure this out!! Very strange.
  8. Crazy. Cygnus, can you also tell me what your hardware (graphics card, processor) and OS are?
  9. Hmm, will see what we can do! Can you post a screenshot?
  10. Yeah, if you don't have automatic updates set (which is set under "Properties" when you right click on the game title in your Steam game list), then there should be an option to update this game. If automatic updates are set you should see it download and update automatically.
  11. I just spoke to Oliver and he asks if you can download the latest patches and let us know if you still see the problem? Thanks so much!
  12. What is your hardware (computer, graphics card) and OS?
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