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  1. http://conrawr-illustrations.tumblr.com/ Did this when the pitches were still going around~ Man I would LOVE to see yours on a t-shirt dude!
  2. We're going to make a few wallpapers, actually! Also, Levi pointed out that when we do that, they absolutely must resemble Nothing could possibly make me happier than seeing a LPBB version of this.
  3. That's super sweet man! I did this back when Little Pink Best Buds was bein pitched~ http://conrawr-illustrations.tumblr.com/image/76682418155 (I have no idea how to post the image like you did hahaha I don't do forums y'know)
  4. Oh man little best buds is looking super hot you guys! Could you post a couple screenshots of the different day and night scenes with the house in the distance (especially the sunset one) cause i totally want one of those as my background oh man!
  5. What a ridiculously good ending to the first act! Was completely captivated the entire way through the game and the soundtrack is seriously wonderful! Can't wait for act 2!!
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