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  1. Like the title say, will there be a physical release of the remastered version? I would love a big box version with extras in it, would pay good money for it.
  2. Hmm which could i be....? <---- (which i had from the start of when i first backed "Broken Age")
  3. Great Episode! The big question is: Would you do another kickstarter for a new game? (i know they done another for Massive Chalice, but that was pretty early on this one)
  4. Your the man! Thank you for this, hope they show this picture to the guys at Disney and make Full Throttle HD happen!
  5. Disney, Sony, and Double Fine would have to have gone crazy to expect the Grim Fandango remaster to sell that much. We are talking about a re-release of a more than 15-year-old adventure game that wasn't even a huge hit in the first place. You might be interested in Ars Technica's reverse-engineered sales statistics on Steam. On Page 2, they estimate that 4% of the distinct titles on Steam (the top 110 games) account for 50% of the sales, and each of those games has sold 1.38 million copies or more. The vast middle ground of titles on Steam sell somewhere between 10,000 and 110,000 copies. As for Grim Fandango, it sold about 95,000 copies up through 2003 in North America, excluding online sales. Total cumulative worldwide sales are estimated between 100,000 and 500,000 units. (See Wikipedia for details.) Even Brutal Legend, Tim Schafer's most successful game to date, had only sold about 1.4 million copies as of February 2011. (Source.) I assume that's across all platforms (PS3, Xbox360, PC). I imagine it's sold more now, especially with the Humble Bundles pushing lots of inexpensive copies, but I don't have those numbers to hand. I assume the Grim Fandango remaster will have a modest budget to fit modest sales expectations, but it'll still be terrific to have the game available again! OMG! Shut up and take my money!
  6. Not to open this can of worms again, but Ron never owned it in the first place, so there is no "getting it back" :1) As an employee of Lucasarts it was his paid job to design and make original games. He seemed fine with this when he was making the games, why does he want to change the deal now? 2) He had the original idea for Monkey Island and led the project, but it was a group effort - why should he get control of the copyright in all the music, graphics and so on? He didn't pay any of those artists or musicians himself. I understand that it can be painful not to own something you created, but there's nothing sinister about a company paying someone to produce work. His requirements are neither realistic nor reasonable I'm my estimation, as much as I sympathise with his desire to be in charge of the franchise again. You are so right, but now that Lucasart is no more Disney would have no problem selling the IP to Ron you would think. (but it´s maybe some "Pirates of the Caribbean" shit that´s the problem) The ultimate thing would be if Ron, Tim and Dave Grossman owned, wrote and designed the game, Peter Chan did the artwork and the people at Double Fine made the real Monkey Island 3.... You can always hope
  7. The only new Monkey Island game they should make is Ron Gilberts third and final game as he always invisiond it. But sadly Ron is only interested to do it if he owns the IP and has full control/"final cut" over the project and they are not interested in selling the IP to him at any cost he said to me when i e-mail:ed him a few months ago... Couldn´t they just be good guys and sell the man his creation back? Is that too much to ask for? Hoping they would have a change of mind but im not holding my breath...
  8. In the 2PP Grim Fandango retrospective they also talked about Full Throttle a little and i guess you guys asked Disney about getting to re-do it also? Have they said no or is it in the works but you havn´t got the "go ahead" yet? I would love a remasterd version of Full Throttle since it´s my favorite game of all time.
  9. Open steam, find it in your library and click download. It´s not in my library... On my Humblebundle it´s says: All Your Purchases Visit the page for a given purchase to access Steam keys and other features. Widget Purchases Broken Age ($15 Tier) (I am a slackerbacker)
  10. Idon´t get it, i have gotten the e-mail from humblebundle, signed up for a humblebundle accont, clicked on the link in the e-mail sending me to humblebundle and there i clicked on the Steam icon and it says "redeemed to *****" *= my accont name on Steam, when i click there i go to my page on Steam but nothing happends, no code, no downloading nothing.... What to do?
  11. He should play a robot in the boys world that the boy meets and when he talks to him he would say "Im M.I.G.T and i want to be a Space Pirate" (M.I.G.T = Monkey.Island.Guybrush.Threepwood)
  12. Like many other already said it´s there silence that´s the problem, if they know that they are going to be more delay just say so! But this sh*t they are pulling now is driving me crazy, and the "Documentary Production Status" thread hasn´t been since Oktober 2012... So come on guys, pull yourself together and at least have an intern (if you got one) write something know and then just to let us know. (Sorry for my poor english spelling/grammers)
  13. My suggestion is "Transitioning Adolescence" maybe a bit on the nose but i like the sound of it. Im Swedish i might add, perhaps it sounds awful and weird to people where English is there native tounge....
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