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  1. Wow, big bravissimo for all the concept and art team...! polish is everything, You may reach some degree of beauty but if you want to make the next step is gonna take u much longer for a little improvements. I hope the animation team get challenged with those art!!
  2. I've a question, Will the animation be affected by the final voice-recordings? As many famous studios Pixar, Dreamworks... they usually record first the speech but also they film the faces of the actors to inspire or make the animation more credible. I'm agree on all the things discussed (floating walking, fast head changes). I hope somebody from the team is reading this and writing down all this feedback. Regards Pablo
  3. Hi there, interesting topic! I'm a classical/jazz violin player resident in the netherlands. Recently, I'm recording violin tracks on a short film for a master composer assigment, so if you're needed to record violin tracks I would do it with fun of pleasure! My equipment for recording is: Apogee Ensemble 2x Neumann km184 1 Rode NTA1 Protools 9 I've some videos playing non classical stuff, but no problem if some lyrical/fixed lines are needed . for bio stuff... check www.pedroandpablo.com, I leave this performance I did with my collegue some months ago. Regards Pablo
  4. Just wait until in-game bugs start to show up few days before final release...!!! great episode but I would like to see more animation stuff if it is possible. Is it Ray the only guy doing the animation in the whole game??? Regards Pablo
  5. Really nice idea!! Elegant solutionregards
  6. Thank you for the episode, amazing documentary! I would like watch more of Ray's work (animator) in the future. patience
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