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  1. Should have said it earlier, but I'm glad people seem to like the sprites! They work pretty well here. As a side note, you can bet that I'll be back with another set as soon as Psychonauts 2 is released.
  2. I'm not especially knowledgeable about the technical stuff involved with chiptunes, but as a pixel... artist...? Well, as a guy that likes to mess around with pixels, I really love what you did here. I'm glad I randomly decided to check this thread. Got the album, and I'll probably be listening to it a good amount while... well, messing around with the aforementioned pixels.
  3. I have to say, Double Fine Action Forums is pretty much the last place I was expecting to see prince George. That said, I'm sure the deities will be pleased with this stellar animation. And I feel like a DF management game could work, as a browser game like "Host Master and the conquest of humor"... but are you sure 2PP could actually do something like that...?
  4. Well, the campaign did have that "play as Raz from Psychonauts 1" goal set, so that implies that they're planning to include at least one alternate costume you can freely switch into. Maybe that could mean more costumes aren't that much of a stretch? Actually, if there are more alternate outfits to choose from, I'd like to see Raz with a Whispering Rock camper shirt... and of course the return of Black Velvetopia Raz. Maybe even references to other DF games, like a BrĂ¼tal Legend or Broken Age-inspired look. ...I dunno, just thinking out loud.
  5. Huh, that's really neat. And here I was thinking Psychonauts barely got any advertising at all.
  6. Oh man, thank you! Now I can officially say that I do, in fact, have all of the achievements in Psychonauts, and as a result, must also be a true Psychomaster. Huzzah! @ThunderPeel: Ah, thank you as well. I made it myself. In fact, I made a set of sprites of all the more important characters of Psychonauts for the 10th anniversary of the release. 'Course, by now I already think I could do better, but in any case, I hope to do the same for the cast of Psychonauts 2 when it comes out.
  7. Another long time lurker, only sporadical poster here. (Well, most of my posts were pixel art over on the fan art part of the forums.) I 100% the disc version of the game a long while back, then once I got it on Steam did it again for the achievements. I even actually got the Christmas shopping achievement on christmas without cheating (just now, to support the PN2 campaign). Thing is, I'm still short one achievement (the 'eat 2 kinds of roast' one), simply because the 'roast' items don't seem to show up in my inventory once I collect them.
  8. Thank you! I really put a lot of effort into these, including getting screenshots so I'd have the scale, colours and all the details just right. I also used some of the original concept art for reference. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time (or skill) to make a background to go along with this, but still, I really tried to give these my all for the anniversary of what will probably always be my favourite game.
  9. I just realized I haven't posted this here... for what it's worth, I made a set of sprites of all of the (important) characters in Psychonauts (and reworked some old ones) for its 10th aniversary a few days ago. It's a shame that most people just seem to have completely forgotten about the game's existence by now.
  10. I've heard the full version of Vernon's joke, and that is without a doubt his kind of joke. I do the same thing, actually, coming back every time I made something... except I barely do that anymore anyway. I've been so very demotivated, and it's been a while since I've played Psychonauts anyway, so I tend to forget just how much I liked it (The most recent few Psychonauts things I've made were after I heard "Ford Cruller's Sacred Hall" again somewhere and suddenly recalled the feel of the game when I first played it).
  11. You use a LOT of different styles here... which is especially impressive considering I wouldn't even know how to begin trying any of these styles. I'd point out what I like best about them, but it's usually different for each one. A real shame you haven't gotten any comments on the most recent ones here, but it seems these forums are just a little empty nowadays...
  12. I agree completely and wholeheartedly with the above post, however unlikely it is to actually happen. On the other hand, if 2015 comes and goes and we're still without a trace of Psychonauts 2, I'm officially giving up hope. We seemed so close with the whole Notch thing too... (has anyone ever pointed out "Psychonauts" is literally an anagram of "Notch pays us"?)
  13. Well, I don't use Steam much myself (I just 'borrow' my younger brother's account when necessary, but it's still mainly his, friends list and everything), and I completed a separate copy of Psychonauts - that is, I own a copy on Steam too but I've not played that one much. Thank you! I spent a considerable amount of time and effort on some of that very content... imagine my surprise when I noticed Double Fine closed up their own Psycho-pedia and started referring people to our little wiki instead.
  14. Yeah, it seems pretty empty all right. I'm an admin on the Psychonauts Wikia (I was one of the few people behind the big reboot from unfinished mess to workable wiki a couple years ago), and that place is practically completely dead at this point. ...But then, my feedback shortage isn't just limited to these forums, either. Either I'm doing something wrong or the Psychonauts fandom is losing interest(maybe ever since the whole Notch thing sort of bummed people out?).
  15. Thank YOU for replying. I don't get much feedback on these lately...
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