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  1. CONGRATS. He looks gorgeous and you look so happy!! ... looking forward to holding my niece like that. Though I'll probably cry. March 16th, if all goes exceptionally well!
  2. So Job Stauffer seems to be out, and I'm not sure even Shaun Finney is still in... ...I'm effing pissed that Laura is out. That would illegal over here, to my knowledge. The company has experienced unhealthy growth and growth pains these last six years, and many of you have been witness to the side effects. Not sure how I feel about so vocally and massively scaling back though. They are still hell bent on continuing their path of "story driven, episodic games" that has scared so many of us away. I still wish them all the best, I just don't know who "they" is any more. In any case, hilarity will ensue one way or another. At the very least, Telltale is always good for interesting headlines. And no way are they going down. Their war chest should be bursting by now.
  3. Was. Was a pedo. At 26, more than 30 years ago. At a time when I guess he was desperately trying to find his sexual identity. And for what it's worth, being confronted with the allegation, he did the right thing, or at least much of the right thing. This is anything but a non issue, and I loathe the people who go "BUT HE WAS DRUNK", because I really don't see how that mitigates things, not at all. Anthony Rapp had to get it off his chest, it's great that he did, and for once, no one is going to court over this for once. The outcome of all this is still shitty, but it's the best outcome of this particular situation possible. Then again, no one should watch American Beauty a second time.
  4. Definitely concede the "calling others to do so as well" point, but not so sure on the "ask him to remove" one. I mean, yeah, they could have asked Kjellberg to remove those videos, but even if they had plainly told him to take it down, they still would have come across as applicants only towards a person in power. And it would have opened the possibility of a counter-attack from Kjellberg's side. And that could have turned out worse than what we have right now. Sean needed to tell his story first, before Kjellberg got the opportunity frame it his way. I don't disagree if some of you folks call Sean's actions emotional, aggressive, an attack. I do think that one day Kjellberg had to deal with this understandable reaction to his bullship one day anyway, the one instance of a developer openly rejecting his crap may even be beneficial to the kid's development, and I don't think you can or should talk about racism and anti-semitism without the kind of aggressive emotion that Sean has shown. (That youtube's system is beyond repair kind of goes without saying. Oh the videos Jim Sterling has made just about exactly that clusterbuck. But it's one thing to say the system sucks, and it's another to say the system was abused. It wasn't abused).
  5. Oh. So this is what you're using the Telltale thread for now. Ouch. The situation is pretty clear though. The privilege to make millions by superimposing your image and voice over footage from games you haven't created is immense. It is not a right. It is not what fair use means. The copyright strike says "this is our material, and we don't want it to be used like that". As such, DMCA takedown wasn't at all "abused" by Campo Santo, they used the youtube function in exactly the way it was meant to. Sean said it best when he tweeted that Kjellberg uses Firewatch to build his own brand. And Kjellberg's brand incorporates distributing and therewith normalizing casual racism and antisemitism to millions of viewers. Why in the world would developers just accept that? Out of fear that Kjellberg's fanbase would react in exactly the same way they did in fact react. With actual abuse. Review bombing, Steam forum spamming, and of course Valve as always doesn't give a runny ship.
  6. I believe the series of tweets was started by some off hand criticism of Broken Age that was meant to convince Tim that his game wasn't up to Tropes vs. Women's standards, and Tim replied in earnest with a series of pro/con tweets that ended, I think, with a not too heartfelt thanks for the original "question". I THINK someone storified those tweets. It's probably from 2014 or 2015. As to the "why"... I need it to show it to someone who claims Tim was "evading the question".
  7. Need a link to the collection of tweets that Tim made debating the female roles in Broken Age with some a-h. Can you help?
  8. Come on, potential new best friend. What happened?!
  9. Well, absolutely. Wait until you discover the Swear Trek tumblr.
  10. That gif comes from one of the best Next Generation episodes ever, which had its 25 year broadcast anniversary three weeks ago on June 1st. In a way, it is about unexpectedly beginning a new long and satisfying life filled with love and family. I hope your choice of gif is paving the future for you, Bookdust!
  11. E3 2017!

    Well, not quite. It's like Nintendo introduced a new main character in the Mario series that drops a lot of F bombs. To be honest, the motherfuckers in there didn't irk me one bit. I've always considered BG&E a dark setting in a colorful world with some very very mature themes. The swearing wouldn't fit Jade, wouldn't fit Pey'J, but new characters, why not. And the trailer looks incredible. Which doesn't mean much before we've seen gameplay, of course. But everything they're announcing around that trailer is just plain loads of Ubisoft crap. "GTA in space" is literally the worst concept they could have come up with for the game. This is Assassin's Creed, this is "Ubisoft Game" with mandatory online crap thrown into the flurry. We've been detailing our fears for this game in the "Story predictions" thread, and from what I remember, Ubisoft is doing every single mistake that we anticipated in there. Huge sandbox cookie clutter instead of smaller, more memorable environments. The "Elite: Dangerous" catch-22 of needless online crap in single player games. What's the goal in BG&E2? To collect an army, to assemble a huge fleet, to become a powerful admiral and go to war. That is so infinitely far removed from the themes and the teachings of the first part that I can't even continue my rant.
  12. Well, you got most of them, I think. I could add Ex-Telltaler Harrison G. Pink of course (2588). Also happy to find Serena Nelson (8068) in there. And Smudo's message (2159) is kind of a big deal for us Germans. Though you won't have a lot of fun with it I guess.
  13. The Nice Guys ??? Which is practically the presequrebootel of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Damn good movie. And instead of Val Kilmer, they put his son in. But if we're going for non-franchised action, try Children of Men. Which only has a few core action sequences, but they are incredible. ...of course you know Children of Men already.