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  1. I got stuck twice, both times because I hadn't picked up an item the first time I went through an area. First I got stuck when Shay "needs some kind of propulsion mechanism". Finally went through every room and found the whipped cream or whatever. Second I got stuck solving the Riddle of Yorn. I did get Curtis's hint about "fruity riddles", but I just didn't remember the tree in the cloud colony had any fruits at all.
  2. FYI: The game runs fine on my Intel® HD Graphics 3000.
  3. As Vella, when climbing in/out of Curtis's cabin, there is a long cutscene of which 10% is Vella's feet moving up/down off screen and the other 90% is just a static shot of the house. My resolution is 1600x900.
  4. Just what I needed. In the part where you show of the reflective floor, it looks like Shae(?) is holding one foot up in the air.
  5. Not to be a nag, but it's an Atom feed, not an RSS feed. Had to do some XSLT magic to get it to work in my RSS reader.
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