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  1. I got stuck twice, both times because I hadn't picked up an item the first time I went through an area. First I got stuck when Shay "needs some kind of propulsion mechanism". Finally went through every room and found the whipped cream or whatever. Second I got stuck solving the Riddle of Yorn. I did get Curtis's hint about "fruity riddles", but I just didn't remember the tree in the cloud colony had any fruits at all.
  2. Can’t Run Game [Linux Edition]

    FYI: The game runs fine on my Intel® HD Graphics 3000.
  3. As Vella, when climbing in/out of Curtis's cabin, there is a long cutscene of which 10% is Vella's feet moving up/down off screen and the other 90% is just a static shot of the house. My resolution is 1600x900.
  4. Which platforms will this work on?
  5. Just what I needed. In the part where you show of the reflective floor, it looks like Shae(?) is holding one foot up in the air.
  6. New Backer Update Page with RSS

    Not to be a nag, but it's an Atom feed, not an RSS feed. Had to do some XSLT magic to get it to work in my RSS reader.