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    I am a recently graduated Game Designer, from the Art Institute of Los Angelos CA.
  1. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    Congrats Levi! Glad to see the game is going to be brought into life! I cant wait to play the crap out of it! Also, thanks for that one time a few months ago, when I just showed up at Double Fine Studios. Standing on the sidewalk trying to figure out where the entrance was, and you just happened to be walking in. You asked what I was looking for, and you let me come in and see the place. It was awesome, I only wish I was there to help work on your game hahah. Anyway, thanks for everything. Super excited to see how this comes into being. -Stuart
  2. I voted for about 6 games. Each of them earned a vote for their awesome ideas, and they are games that I would love to do some work on. (hint hint nudge nudge) Hack and slash sounds awesome. 1. I love scripting and coding and stuff, and want to know more of it. 2. Slashing things. nuff said Silent but Deadly: Fart jokes are Hilarious. Bragging and Fighting: 1. I want to fight a dragon with a flaming rat. 2. I want to lie about it. Flopulus: I have a soft spot for puzzle physics games ( Cloud Prix: FLYING ON CLOUDS! Milgrim: Everyone wants to be the bad guy at least once.