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  1. Yeah, I'm using Firefox too. It worked in the meanwhile. Thanks for your answer
  2. To me it shows that the video has been removed. Is anyone else experiencing this? What can I do to watch it?
  3. Agree with you guys here. Lovely setting, lovely voiceacting ... BUT ... why can't I look at anything? Examine? Push, pull, kick, lick ... ?!? Such a rich world and nothing to explore. And so eeeeeaaaaaaaasyyy. Hell, I mean, you had the chance to really GIVE IT TO US, Tim. You took your time, you took our money.... Don't get me wrong. Lovely game. I'm liking it. I was hoping for deep love though, not just warm sympathy *sigh*
  4. I second this position. Not being a steam-hater myself - I have a steam account with very few games - I still understand and support what zaskaggs pointed out in his post. If you are a person with an ethical standpoint against DRM, you will not be able to participate in anything happening from now on without being spoiled, which is, as we all will surely agree, the worst case scenario with a game like this. (I have to admit that "betrayal" is a pretty harsh word though)
  5. Works for me! Works fine for me, too. @ Nathan Fillion: The first and only time I ever came across this guy was here Still don't know what this is about him... I agree with this and also hope, it will grow on me as she becomes alive in the game. And then this! And also very much this!!!!!
  6. Great and really interesting episode as always. Eased some of my worries about richness and diversity in the game but left me a bit shocked about what Greg said about game length (how big is Greg anyway?!?!?!). There is no way I'd find a three hour experience anything near satisfying. I was hoping for an extraordinary journey as Grim Fandango was one or The Longest Journey. Games you could really dive into, with a slow evolving, always interesting and capturing storyline full of twists and turns and wonders, life, characters and imagination. Now it looks like we're up to another dissappointing much too short nowadays 8 to 10 hours are enough sort of game ;_; Ah well. At least more than three... *sigh*
  7. I have a question: I backed the game via Kickstarter and did not receive a backer update for the newest episode nor the extremely important information about the delay. Talking to people in another forum brings to light this also happened to other people. What went wrong? Will I stay furtherly informed about Broken Age?
  8. I would like to join the people in this thread here that are curious about the amount of acts to be played and their gameplay. It worries me that all the previous questions regarding this issue have been ignored so far. Are we going to have an epic journey to the moon and back or is this going to be a short trip once around the block?
  9. Aaaah, finally. I was just stopping by to see if anything had happened and discovered this post, posted 3 min ago. That's what I call good fortune *smiles*
  10. My choice as well and I agree on the twin interest also. Knight and Hillbilly for the second run. I really don't care very much for the scientist and the adventurer.
  11. Recently pro-ordered with a 25% voucher on greemangaming. Vouchercode: GMG25-XTYYZ-POSL1 *Valid until 18/01/2013 1600GMT Makes a total of 9,75 € on my bill. Feels like a steal. Why are you selling your games so cheap, DoubleFine???
  12. It's supposed to be out quite soon and still I find no place to pre-order... What's going on, DoubleFine? Do you plan some supreme rabbit-out-of-the-hat performance?!?
  13. Didn't you say there would be a transititon/notification time zone before the price'd go up?
  14. The huge problem with that is that if they spin it that way a lot of people will only care about the Pre-Order bit and not care about the forum access, or even investigate all the cool video content. And then when it is finally released, if it's only about $20 then they'll feel ripped off for being talked into spending an extra $10 on forum access they never used. It might be an idea to up the slacker backer price to $30 (incredible value for what you are getting) but at the same time offer a pre-order price to make a clear distinction. You could even just make a statement with the $30 announcement saying, "If you just want the game and don't want to have access to the development posts, videos, etc this might not be for you. We'll let you pre-order the game in good time." Just to avoid any hurt feelings/internet furore later. This is a good idea, but not practical with our current system. With Kickstarter, accepting multiple different tiered payments simultaneously is easy because Kickstarter handles all that infrastructure, but on our end, we only have our own backer system set up to accept one kind of payment at a time. For simplicity's sake, we're just going to keep it limited to one kind of payment at a time. Now, of course eventually we're going to have to switch over to pre-orders and then traditional sales. But by that point we might be working with established digital distribution storefronts and so on, and it might make more sense to just handle that stuff through them. These are all decisions that still need to be locked down, so we don't want to preempt them by introducing too many variables into the system now. Hope that makes sense! First of all I would like to state that I think 30 $ is really still a good deal for all this content here. I would suggest not calling it slacker backer anymore but maybe slaaaacker backer (or some cool english word that expresses that someone is really really late now). I don't think any potential slacker will be turned off by the new price, any person who might have been interested might as well have backed by now. Why I quoted the above is that I think it is alltogether a very good idea to add the sentence mentioned there: "If you just want the game and don't want to have access to the development posts, videos, etc this might not be for you. We'll let you pre-order the game in good time." with no need to add an extra paying option yet.
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