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  1. 2PP in as well? LOVED the first one for Broken Age was a rollercoaster of emotions going with the team, I'm definitely down for the ride again. Where to I throw my money?
  2. "Your playing it wrong!" lol duh I agree Tim, fell through the clouds, obviously need cloud shoes.. Sheesh. Damn great game though, played it twice already. Also with your games, maybe my memory isn't the greatest but you make games that I can go back and play, and they feel new again. At least I wouldn't know the puzzles again right away, always something I'd have to think of and go , "Yeah that's right!!" then the excitement of figuring it out all over again!! Well done doublefine this is a work of art and had a huge smile on my face the whole time I played. Might of even had a glazed eyes moment in just sheer happiness to see this made possible. Also 2PP another great video as well. Absolutely love all your guys work on this project big props to everything. i'm sure you have enjoyed this journey just as much as us fans.
  3. Thanks guys!!! Been out the loop for a bit just checked my email and seen I had the game!!! Been about a hour in, doing my usual point n click exploring n taking in the beautiful art and atmosphere, dialog and just fantastic game!!! Love it well done n look forward to the second half. Almost makes me not want to play because I'm going to want the second half right away!! Feel like a kid In front of my 386dx again. Thank you Tim, and all of double fine and 2pp this ride has been amazing and myself and millions of others really dont want it to ever end. Watching you guys work and having it now in my hands and on my computer is just another whole feeling of awesomeness. Truely grateful I have been part of this ride!!
  4. Seriously got my money worth from just all the 2pp episodes alone. Love you doublefine been a fan of tim n Lucasarts games since monkey n dott!!! Wishing u all a great xmas n happy holidays. Seem like a great studio n group of people to work with! The audio to this game and everything is just so well done. A classic, a game that is timeless, work of art and something talked about for the ages!! Sincerly, a backer from the moment I found out my childhood legend was back at it!!
  5. Right, but what does that mean exactly?Does it go into the Double Fine Corporate Bank Account? Does a portion of it go to the project's dev team? Does it fund the next project? Does Tim take it all and buy drumsticks and headbands? Headbands, definitely. I'd think it would go back into the company overhead type account, to help keep the things going and workers salaries. Personally I'm super excited to see this much extra go into making a game from my favorite people! Getting even the minimum amount that DF needed I always had faith we are going to get something special!!
  6. U guys are so awesome and Tim and Ron are the best!!!! Really great being able to watch these documentaries and seeing the behind the scenes. LOVED the part where he finally figured out the name for Grim Fandango. My childhood games revolved around this splendid crew of guys! Great seeing so much behind the scenes action and looking forward to more!!
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