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  1. So I finally got around to trying this, and disabling the antivirus did not help.
  2. Just Windows Defender, which has AV built in on Windows 8.
  3. Right, I found the config.vdf but could not find any gamepad information in there. I've also tried rebooting, updating the controller driver (although it seemed to already be the most recent), verifying the integrity of the game cache, and manually running the redistributables (the Visual Studio 2010 redistributable complained that a more recent version was already installed and would not run; the others ran successfully). I have not tried disabling the antivirus software.
  4. The particular controller model that I'm using is this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823109243 I'm using the wireless dongle that comes with the controller. The config file I believe was at E:\Steam\config\config.vdf, where E:\Steam is the base Steam install directory on my system. I can verify that path later when I'm at home.
  5. I'm trying to play in Big Picture mode using an Xbox 360 wireless controller in Windows 8. This controller works in Steam and in all my other Steam games (well, except for Psychonauts; it worked there the first time I tried and then never again). It seems to sort of recognize the controller as a generic gamepad because I can configure the buttons in the settings and they show up as button 1, button 2, etc. But then when I try to press the same buttons in the actual game, nothing happens. I saw the FAQ entry about non-working controllers, but I couldn't find either an "SDL_GamepadBind" setting in my config.vdf, or an SDLGamepad.config file in the game folder, so that didn't work out for me. I did manage to find the Data\Config\input.lua file, and I tried adding an entry for a controller named "Controller (Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows)" which is how the controller seems to be named elsewhere on my system, but this also did not solve the problem. Now I'm stumped. Please help!
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