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  1. it was much better than act 1. im in minority here cause i kinda disliked the initial wiring puzzle the later ones were i already had some idea how wirings worked were nice . Kinda reminds of the hand puzzle from monkey island 2 which tim liked (i kinda disliked the hand puzzle also). Act 2 however left some questions unanswered. Was the plague real? Did Vella and Shay doom everyone in loraine or save em all?. I get that the nazis were using the plague as a reason to do eugenics with ppl but that doesnt tell us anything about the plague. Also grandmother of vella what happened to her after her big reveal? And i would have loved to see how ppl were living inside the plague dam
  2. yeah im feeling similar way im taking this slow clickking everywhere but there aint that much of content in scenes (expect bugs and crashes) for example i think the first screen of vella for example has 2 objects to examine city and her sister (dont remember if you could examine the house) and both have only 6 lines of text to be read . Still the story is awesome and i really like the art and the music is epic. I think you still have time to add more flavor text into game before official release. And yes puzzles are way too easy, most of them are almost auto solving cause you have only few items to try. Great game make act 2 way longer.
  3. nightless night (http://www.laplandfinland.com/In_English/Experiences_in_Lapland/Four_Seasons/Summer/Nightless_night.iw3) dark night at overgrown pine forest chased by wolf's (maybe bit too dark theme) stuck in a chimney world that hasnt had a night thanks to two sun's orbiting the planet. Later you return to find out that your actions has given the world night and ppl has gone crazy cause they haven't seen true darkness before (partly from novel from Isaac Asimov http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nightfall_(Asimov_short_story_and_novel)) world where law of gravity is reversed (heavier objects weight less and light objects weight more )
  4. -I think something abstract scene like in LSD (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LSD_(video_game)) -abandoned city (not ruined) see LSD's city for idea what it should be like (PS. don't touch the chicks in the city that thing what happened to them kinda freaked me out) -free falling without parachute -on water tower -in cattle ranch -inside a truck -in Nemesis (planed) -in the center of universe -inside movie screen.
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