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  1. I get the folks that think the controls were too simple on PC but I don't think it's that important. Context clues were well delivered and everything I tried to do worked the first time, no finicky hotzones etc. One thing that I would have maybe liked is the option to play with right click is 'look' left click is 'interact'. In the few timing based areas I found myself clicking and immediately dropping an item, which would then give me the characters description animation. Click-drag just isn't a oft used mechanic in games and I'm not very well programmed to using it. In the end this was easy to overcome.
  2. - Graphics and art were awesome, not my usual style but just amazing in their context. - Story and VO are just as spot on as I was expecting, simply perfect. - As mentioned by others there could have been some more interesting puzzles but what was there was fun and varied. Adventure games can range from interactive story to deep puzzler and Broken Age obviously rests to the left of that scale and does it well. - I found Vela's section actually stumped me for a minute once or twice. - Shay's was pretty and an awesome story but it all felt a bit linear. I didn't really have any moments where I wasn't exactly sure about what I was there to do.
  3. I started the game as Vela and played all the way through to the ending of her story. Once the final fight was done and she fell unconscious the game faded to black and then I was back at the beginning as if I had just clicked on Vela's side after the first split screen. Honestly for a few moments I thought it was a 'that was all just a dream' story trick or something. Ended up going all the way back down into town just to verify that it was still Sugar Bunting and hadn't like become Steel Bunting or something. I was able to switch to Shay from the inventory button and finish his side. When I got to the end it did play the 'true ending'. I suspect when it FTB on Vela I was probably supposed to go to the beginning of the Shay story but something happened.
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