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  1. Wow, the designs in here are fantastic! I had a lot of fun doing this, not accepted yet, but submitted.
  2. Hey DF! I'm a big tactical strategy game fan and am stoked that you guys are doing one I backed Massive Chalice for $100 prior to the boxed version being announced. My question is, will I need to add another $15 to my order to be sent a boxed copy? The new $100 package mentions this, however it's unclear as to whether international buyers of the initial $100 package will also need to add $15 for postage. Cheers!
  3. Hey Cheeseness, looks like you're the dude I was chatting to during the presentation / Q&A Here are some pics I took today of some of the Double Fine stuff they had on display (spoiler alert I guess, if you consider this sort of thing a spoiler Playable Grim Fandango. Not enough time to today unfortunately. Not DF related, but they had Vib Ribbon! Rejoice!
  4. I don't think there's a queue as such. When I spoke to ACMI on the phone, they said the only way to catch the tickets would be to constantly refresh their site and snap them up if it ever changed from being "sold out". Tim's got Exciting Stuff going on at the moment. Specktor and Molyneux don't. Edit: Also, welcome! Cheers! Also trying to get a press pass - not sure if it'll happen, but did get a phone interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi for the event
  5. Also, interesting to note that Molyneux and Spector are *still* available.
  6. Hi all! I realise that this is a dastardly first post to make, but I would love to join the queue for a spare ticket if any become available, as well as add my support to the possibility of Tim doing another show. I was fortunate enough to get tickets but my mate didn't
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