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    I am a commercial animation student at Capilano University in North Vancouver, Canada. I also have a BA in visual art and media studies. I think games are pretty neat.
  1. Going on past experiences and personal preference, I'd say that Enter is a good skip button (or a button that leads to a prompt/warning about skipping the scene). Esc is almost universally the pause/ menu key, and it works pretty well in that role in my opinion.
  2. Wow, a great episode - though, Bagel was right. There seem to be a lot of people that are (at least a little bit) pissed off. I feel for you guys, being another one of the backers that works in game development (I am currently employed a a generalist artist). In fact, one of the biggest draws for me was the art and the amount of painstaking work that the team has put into making it look utterly amazing. It was great to see the "current" state of the game in this episode! Best of luck in the coming sprint(s) to everyone! Keep up the inspiring and wonderful work!
  3. This is easily the least fun part of game development. If I lived in the Bay area, I would definitely volunteer to intern and do menial animation tasks, but my art school is too far away (it's the thought that counts, right?). We appreciate all of your hard work, Double Fine!
  4. The Peter Chan segment in episode 4 hit home for me since I am an artist who lives on Vancouver Island, which is more or less right next door to where this was filmed (in fact, a lot of my close friends live on Saltspring island, which is about 30- 40 minutes or so away from San Juan by boat). The imagery really hit a chord with me, and I felt almost personally connected to the sequence. I also wanted to note that I am super jealous of Peter's nice piece of property - I would love to have a studio like that one day. Thanks for the longer cut of this sequence! Even in it's semi-raw state it is fantastic.
  5. The lumberjack in the footage so far looks exactly like all of the lumberjacks we have here in Canada. Does he like axes that no one has heard of or something?
  6. Looks like things are coming along nicely! As someone very interested in high quality 2D game assets, I am always super stoked by updates from the Double Fine art bros/broettes. The look you guys have developed so far reminds me of Vanillaware's games, though obviously without the Japanese visual aesthetic. While you're always going to have a bit of a "Flashy" look to things with the way the high res sprites have to be rigged, the style helps to de-emphasize that. It will be awesome to see this applied to the final game concepts!
  7. That sounds like you could be describing Dear Esther. As you've said, I don't mind the forced narrative aspect of S&S. I wasn't expecting there to be more depth when I played it on iOS for the first time. I would venture to say that S&S is leaning towards an interactive soundtrack, as has been mentioned previously. I like to think of it as if you sat down, but some nice headphones on and were able to interact with Dark Side of the Moon or something. The way the game is broken up into sessions might be an interesting feature to consider for DFA, though like I said in the chat I think including the option to continue instead of kicking the player back to the main menu might be nice - even idling at the intermission screen so I can go make a cup of tea or something. Being forced back to the main menu is a little jarring for the desktop experience. That being said, being given the boot wasn't quite as bad in the iOS versions since playing the game on a phone or tablet is a totally different experience than playing on a desktop machine.
  8. I bought that game when it was released, but after installing I was completely unable to boot up my computer. I ended up having to reinstall Windows and I think I threw away the game, since it's nowhere to be found now. I remember thinking it looked awesome from the box art, but haven't seen much mention of it anywhere. I had the Mac version, I think a friend of the family gave it to us along with Buried in Time. I also have a little story attached to those games: little over 4 years ago, I got a job doing QA for a small software company in my hometown. They were formerly Disney Interactive before Disney shut them down and they formed their own company. A lot of the people who work there also used to work at Sanctuary Woods, and it turned out that my new boss in QA also worked on both Buried in Time and Orion Burger (among other titles).
  9. I've never tried free writing before reading this post. I was vaguely aware that it existed, but I've never had any of my professors mention it in my university classes, most of which involve vast amounts of subjective writing. I've never really had a problem in the past with writing essays, but lately I've been getting stuck while writing essays for the most basic classes, which is problematic. I went and grabbed a new spiral notebook for a couple bucks last week and I have been writing like mad ever since, and I am finding that it is really helping to keep me on track. I also feel that free writing four or five pages every day noticeably has improved my writing. I'm not sure why I've never tried free writing before, since I carry a sketchbook (or two, of various sizes along with a pocket watercolour set) on me all the time. I suppose the moral here is that it helps to try new things! Thanks for the tips, Tim!
  10. I don't know why, but I was tickled by the adjective use of "unfussy" at the beginning. Also nice was Michael Capps' description of Tim as "delusional" - I expect in the nicest possible way - how drĂ´le!
  11. I played them so much - I remember liking the Pegasus Prime version of the first one, where they had the free look mechanic from the third game. It was a little more fluid, but the second and third were the best. I loved the greatest hits of Geno Andrews! There was a fan project to remake the first game again using the Source engine, but last I heard it had been canned for multiple reasons. I really enjoyed Orion Burger when I was younger mmm them burgers is people. Also, there was an obscure Playstation FMV/adventure game called . It was only released in Japan, so I only understood a little bit of it when I played (my Japanese is pretty terrible).Also, it's been mentioned but Hotel Dusk and Touch Detective are pretty great too. I was excited when I found some adventure games for the DS - they're good for flights or travel. I almost forgot Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster (starring Tim Curry as the depraved Dr. Frankenstein). I think I first discovered this through a demo on a cd that came with a Mac Addict magazine...
  12. - A giant mailroom, circa 1920's Manhattan. - Snow level - A vast ancient Mangrove forest (or mangal) - the trunk of a tree from an ant's point of view - Baffin Island (another ice level, I guess) - a magical land that combines all of the coolest aspects from multiple UNESCO world heritage sites
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