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  1. Wow, he really did know nothing about birthing no babies
  2. I don't know nothing about birthing no BABIES!
  3. I think the warfather's name should be Bartholomew. Or Barf for short
  4. It's basically just a skin, like how the Axe of Ormogoden is basically a skin for the Seperator
  5. My girlfriend was telling me she usually dates athletes and says they are very shallow, but she thinks that I am confusing. Kind of cool
  6. Maybe someone knows how to do this/ What I want to happen in a video is to, like, have half of the screen have one version of me playing guitar and the other version of me on the other side singing. How would I pull this off? I want to post a video of me covering a song, but this one is difficult for me to sing and play while keeping the same rhythm on a guitar
  7. by Nerf do you mean get rid of totally, or just modify it so they can not spam the unit? like you can only have a max of two squads or whatever
  8. the ability to never have writer's block ever! Oh what joy! What rapture! how useful for me. i tell the machine it is awesome and I give it my pepsi. Out comes..
  9. Oh! I do, I do! despite What You've Been Told by Two Gallants what about you?
  10. Where is this stone barricade/ you have to burn the rope reference? Is it during Doom's Infinite Mire?
  11. Oh jeez AP psych. my teacher for that class was not a good teacher AT ALL haha
  12. on a recent interview, spoilers ahead, schafs said that Ophelia was supposed to be killed halfway through the story, instead of in the final battle. Or maybe he meant Ophelia would be killed earlier in the story instead, and he just didn't want a band of dudes. But still, it's disappointing. It sounded as if they had much more in store for the story. what do you think? and yes, i know it was a time thing and they didn't want the development to take longer than it already had. but that's beside the point
  13. Laser Panther paint, Bolt thrower, subwoofers, lightning strings, and the soul sucker axe I don't know my rockmore because I'm on a new game currently
  14. the axe is probably just for aesthetics, as it is shown in multiplayer battles. if it was overpowered, itd be a tad unfair. at least it still looks awesome
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