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    I grew up in Redding, CA and attended Sacramento State University for a Bachelor's Degree in General Management and Marketing, graduating in 2007. I ended up working at Trader Joe's, which is a fantastic work environment, and I love it. I write and record music, sometimes, and have a fairly decent home recording setup with an Api rack, Pro Tools, Melodyne, Reason, some decent microphones, ect. I'm considering going to audio engineering school (I did an internship at a recording studio back in
  1. Any tips on parking down there? I went to the first one, and got lucky with a spot on the street a few blocks away, but debating on using Uber and or finding a parking garage this time.
  2. I think we've had plenty of months of 'exclusive' access to the documentary. And I'd certainly welcome more knowing and seeing what is actually going on with the game outside of the backer group when it comes to news articles about Broken Age.
  3. Sony has actively pursued indie games for their platform. Since it is announced for PS4 and wasn't announced concurrently for Xbox One or Wii U, I would suspect it is probably a timed exclusive. It will likely hit all platforms eventually. That's my best guess.
  4. You can subvert waiting for the email by simply going to your Humble Bundle library and hitting 'claim past purchases'.
  5. Sent a PM, would love to join the club. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Necrotron/
  6. Still enchanting every time that intro sequence and music rolls out. Having been along for the ride for a couple of years now following what you've been through, still excited to see what you're cranking out despite all of the difficulties of managing a mid-sized studio in San Fransico. Much appreciation! As an aspiring creative person, your resolve and hard work even through the turbulent times inspires me. And as always, appreciate the way you cut the videos to avoid spoilers while still capturing interesting discussions. Looking forward to Act II, and probably see you all again at Day of the Devs!
  7. *jiggles forum thread to see if any new episodes pop out*
  8. Call to Power 2 seemed like a good addition to my library from the GoG sale. Call to Power the original was awesome, and seeing a lot of praise for Call to Power 2. Also, very much recommend Arcanum, was a favorite title of mine back in the day for a robust RPG.
  9. I am also curious about this as well, as I'm picking up an Xbox One soon. I know Steam is really gracious with letting developers give away Steam keys, but I wonder whether Microsoft would allow keys to be given so readily. Still, I am curious whether it would be an option (although obviously there is no obligation since the kickstarter expressly stated PC, Mac, Linux keys)
  10. Loved hearing this story, especially as a guy who ended up graduating college with a Marketing degree who eventually came back around to his passion for games (and is exploring how they can engage in that). Thanks for sharing!
  11. More episodes! Seriously, always an exciting part of my week. Exciting to see the post launch musings and how things are shaping up for Act II. Ha! I remember reading that Steam review about the Spoon having more personality than most AAA protagonists right around release. Golden! Re: The difficulty level. I know this received a lot of response of these forums, but personally, I enjoyed it. I actually got a friend who had never played a game to play Broken Age and she, having no experience in the logic of adventure games and game mechanics in general, was able to get through Broken Age at a reasonable pace (close to my par) and also, enjoy it. That should say something about the intuitiveness of how it was designed. I know most adventure game fans are looking for more brain stumping puzzles in Act II, and I wouldn't mind something more as well, but Act I was a delight to play and kept the story moving without any major hitches.
  12. Dear Leader, because I'm a sucker for writing and branching story arcs. That said, Mnemonic made a convincing case for itself. Of course, I think Steed could branch out into a fine adventure, and Little Pink Best Buds could make a nice niche indie title too.
  13. Glad to see LPBB not showing up is a known issue. Easy enough just to play the standard executable download from Humble. Just got home, looking forward to firing these up!!!
  14. I thought the answer was obvious, but apparently we are divided.
  15. Such a good game. My personal Game of the Year from last year.
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