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  1. But I don't just take Gjoni's word for it. There's the matter of the logs which seem pretty convincing evidence for me and there have been other people who have come forward and their stories corroborate Gjoni's portrayal of Quinn. Like Quinn's photographer who told the story about how Quinn claimed to have killed a rapist. Also, where does he blame Quinn for losing his "job"? Apparently, this was a volunteer position on a project. And he complained because someone (notice how he doesn't blame Quinn) called the workplace:
  2. I am not claiming that Gjoni is innocent. What a nice black and white worldview. If someone isn't an evil villainous mastermind, they must be a poor innocent victim. Getting the restraining order had, btw, Quinn using accusations of mental illness (nice way to demonise this condition) and claiming Gjoni had a history of violence against family members -- he had tackled his grandfather as a child and his grandfather hit his head as a result.
  3. Well, it's more like the first guy used suicide threats to control the other guy and gaslighted him, and consistently lied to and manipulated with people around him, and the other guy published their private conversations online to expose the first guy, but sure, what happened is disproportionate to the offense caused in the first place.
  4. Being a victim doesn't mean that you can't be an abuser and vice versa. In fact, in many cases, abusers are former victims of abuse themselves.
  5. I agree, and again, what got me was the abuse. I couldn't care less about the infidelity.
  6. It's nothing new. He said up front that it took him about a month of deliberation and consultation with several people whether to put it up and how to do it. Which is not really to say that putting it up was ethical, just that he was never hiding it. I'll definitely give it a look later (I really have to work right now), but from the first glance, it seems like a lot of it has been cherrypicked for the purpose of character assassination. There's stuff in there that I remember reading and it was in a different context than is presented in this post. And there have been other people coming forward who have corroborated Gjoni's story. For example, there is this post that basically lends credence to Gjoni's version that 4chan found it by accident: https://medium.com/@srachel_m/gamergate-launched-in-my-apartment-and-internet-im-sorry-not-that-sorry-13e5650fd172
  7. I'm talking about the Facebook logs on the boyfriend's blog post. He even put up a video to prove that they are real. I'm not saying that this is conclusive proof, but at least it's convincing enough for me. And my issue wasn't with the cheating, and not even journalism ethics in particular (although I would be interested in that discussion, if it weren't for the fact that GG has made it impossible to have a normal discussion about it), it was mostly the pattern of abuse and manipulation that I recognised all too well. The gaslighting, the lying, the suicide threats... Edit: if you do have conclusive proof that the logs were fabricated, I'd be very interested in that. I'd also do a complete 180 and publicly apologise for what I said.
  8. There will never be a dialogue with GG, not the least of which is the reason that it would give them legitimacy.
  9. So what? I stand by what I said. I lost a lot of respect for Quinn after reading those logs, and I recognised it as the abuse that it was. Doesn't mean that I approve of the harassment that she received or of harassment against anyone, really.
  10. Making a mock petition is being a sack of dicks to make a point, now? Also, a pre-emptive disclaimer: I don't support GG, never have, never will.
  11. But Target Australia selling the Bible wasn't even the point, really. The point was to point out that Bible has lots of points.. er.. content like this and that making a sensationalist campaign would be really easy, and it turned out to be incredibly popular to boot! Like the author says, they wanted to highlight sensationalism with this campaign, and the petition did this very successfully.
  12. What other product would get such a great response, though? What other product would be as recognisable as well as seem to promote violence against sex workers? Maybe someone misunderstands the joke, that's always a risk, but the joke was never about getting the Bible actually banned, and most people understand that.
  13. Target Australia *are* hypocrites -- they continue to sell other adult oriented products while they pulled GTA as a token gesture, responding to an international petition, after having sold it for over a year and making a fortune off it.
  14. Meh, it got laughs, it spread awareness, it made its point -- I'd say it accomplished what it intended. A bunch of people coming in afterwards and saying that the joke technically doesn't work doesn't change that.
  15. Why is it so important to you that this is a bad satire? It -clearly- works.
  16. Target does sell some other adult oriented material, but there isn't anything that's even remotely as well known as the Bible or that would make the same headlines or could be as good for pointing out the hypocrisy. It would become just -- "let's get this other offensive stuff pulled just in spite". Also, as I've pointed out, Target (who the petition was aimed at too) does sell the Bible and Target Australia does sell the DVD, so if you insist on technicalities, the joke does technically still work.
  17. The main point of the satire is not about getting the Bible pulled, though. The Bible is the ideal target, because it makes headlines, because it has lots of fans, because it's suited for the sensationalist claims, not because Target wouldn't pull it.
  18. The petition is not to ban the Bible -- it's aimed at Target Australia as a satirical criticism of their decision.
  19. This is finding loopholes in what, essentially, is a joke. The point of satire is not to be logical. The point of satire is to point out stupidity by exaggerating the stupidity or drawing attention to it. I personally thought it was great satire, because the Bible does actively promote violence against women.
  20. That one of the targeted shops wasn't selling. At least not in book form.
  21. It does highlight the sensationalism, though. And the point about letting Australians themselves decide instead of a company caving in to an international petition is a good point too.
  22. He is not complaining. He is explaining for the benefit of the sarcasm impaired. Or she, as the case may be. This is not outrage .. it's mock outrage as sarcasm.
  23. Getting the Bible pulled is not actually the goal. It's satirical, if you can't tell. The text of the petition is almost identical to the GTA petition. As the author of the petition says: Oh, and I should say that I myself have nothing against Bible fans in principle, but at least GTA fans don't come knocking at your door 9:00 AM on a Saturday morning.
  24. Ah, I should've clicked on the link instead of relying on the tl;dr. They are indeed correct that Target Australia doesn't sell the book. The petition is aimed at both Target as well as Target Australia, though. And one of them does sell the book.
  25. Huh? What's this then: http://www.target.com/p/the-new-american-bible-null-paperback/-/A-13430603 Or this: http://www.target.com/p/holy-bible-large-print-hardcover/-/A-13343153 Or this: http://www.target.com.au/p/the-bible-the-epic-series-dvd/54869448 They even market it to kids: http://www.target.com/p/holy-bible-gift-paperback/-/A-13365183 http://www.target.com/p/holy-bible-paperback/-/A-13777651
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