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  1. Great story. Great settings. Great writing. Great voice and music. Great animation. Great artistic designs. Such an amazing work of art! Glad I backed this game! Also most of the puzzles that are actually fun and interesting. I enjoyed them in my play through. There's just one place that I'd change with the way that squirt gun is given to Vella. It should just be automatic. Currently, player would not get that critical item unless they did the "click-every-single-thing-choose-every-single-option-and-don't-think" approach. Cuz why would Vella randomly offer to give the guards something for no reason when she's in a hurry to get into the festival? lol
  2. So I think i need to smell a certain way to progress. I can think of a couple ways to achieve that goal but none of them seems to match Tim's idea. Grr... This is why I hate adventure game puzzles, when I can think of so many good solutions but game doesn't accept any of them.
  3. Long enough to tell a story with proper pacing is exactly how long an adventure game should be. Quality over quantity. Its good when people QQ about game too short cuz it means they want more and remain a patron for future additions. The opposite is not as good.
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