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    I got "trenched" the week it was released....i don't know why I've started posting things here a year later....shoulda been on here a looooooooooooong time ago. I'll adapt to the needs of the team as long as the team knows what they're doing. I'd rather go solo than have a team w/ no mics. If anyone bothers to read this and needs to get their 100's or golds in, msg me on the 360. I really feel like DF cares about its fans, which makes me care about DF a lot. Iron Brigade and Costume Quest are th

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  1. I played settlement survival to completion twice within a week's time and neither time was uploaded to weekly leaderboards. I get a spinning gear like the game is thinking when trying to look at leaderboards, but the gear never stops spinning. A friend beat settlement with me one of those two times and the same thing happened to him. Any chance in heck of getting an official response? Tumbleweed be rolling around in these parts of the forums.....
  2. Good luck getting an official response is all I can say. IB is a graveyard compared to the rest of the site. Technically, if ps4's VR will be usable to play everything on the ps4...rift should do the same w/ any game....it'll just be the screen is stuck to your head...but that would be a li'l more immersive at least...I can see it being pretty sweet if it worked in full VR.
  3. i'm on 360. g/t: JediJedahPirate. I haven't touched IB in a month at least since last time I played I got kicked to title screen solo after starting in co-op....which was infuriating. Someone on here said to re-download the game and that might help, but haven't tried it yet. I'm in Australia, which for me is 14 hours ahead of east coast usa time. If this works for you, msg me if you want. Until I get some sort of official response to such issues idk why I should bother playing anymore. I never get any official responses from DF anymore, either. I would have backed massive chalice if I would have gotten system stat speculations, but no response. I would have backed (even though it wasn't kickstarter, technically) psychonauts 2, but I'm not as fanatical about DF anymore. Sadly, I've lost faith in Double Fine...and I have most of the games they've made & bought merch (and I left America for Australia while my order was being shipped so I never got to try the IB shirt or floaty pen) Sorry to rain on your parade, fellow trenchman.... like I mentioned, msg if you want...it'd be good to have an excuse to try killing tubes again.
  4. So my buddy n' me were doing settlement...he gets kicked in the 70's, but it says he 'quit'. All was swell (aside from the loneliness)....mines n' snipers n' shredders everywhere. 6 minutes till the weekly clock resets and 6 waves to go. On wave 94 I get kicked to title screen while solo. In all the years I've played, this has never happened whey I get a prompt saying that "you've lost connection to xbox live....bla bla bla". The game pauses, I un-pause and keep going and some unseen wizard reconnects me to live while I continue playing as my win gets registered when I'm done normally (actual wizard may or may not exist). Last night, though....title screen! I was shocked and annoyed. Has going backwards compatible screwed up the network so bad that I can't finish a solo after the match was started in co-op!?!?! Its infuriating that there is no infrastructure to this game's network (not blaming DF....I know better). I thought I should say something about this since I'm wondering if this glitch happened to anyone else. No one will be able to do anything but missions (sometimes not even when there's poor connection between players) if this becomes an ongoing thing and my favorite game will die...unless I play offline solo forever. I've recently become infatuated with 'Defiance' and grinding my character has kept me occupied, but I always come back to Iron Brigade at some point (if anything, on sunday....last weekend I felt bored and backed out in the 20's and got on Defiance). A few months ago, some live buddies I used to play Street Fighter with all the time got Iron Brigade...they've since upgraded to Xbox One...it'd be a shame if this whole 'backwards compatible' thing would never even work due to network issues. I hope some calls happen and someone puts a proverbial foot into somewhere metaphorical so issues get resolved. Title screen....solo...really!?!?!.....WTF!....etc......
  5. Shouldn't this be updated since GFWL is gone now?
  6. You got some solid points, bud....but we've all come to terms with these things...and they've been in the game for years. I personally like the lasers being gimpy since that makes it crazy difficult to rely on them. Made it to 99 on 'swamp with lasers' in a honeychurch so far....i know one guy who pulled it off. Theres lots of glitches in the game that help and hurt the player....the archie turret's high damage nerfed by short range and sketchy accuracy (but a field of them can kill even the vault dropper)...plus the Amplifier simply standing around when you put a turret in certain spots on the maps...its great to get the easy scrap, but not challenging...i do wish DF would re-code the Amp and make it scary as hell. Even worse, when big willy knocks the amp out the map on swamp and the game NEVER ends. I've had blitzers and bertha spawn outside the map on settlement....been stuck and had to back out in a variety of places on different maps. The one thing I really, really want fixed is the leaderboards. Settlement's global 1st is some guy that beat it 75 times, whilst myself and dozens of other ppl have beaten settlement more times than that or have gotten perfect base health...I get 95% on a good run, just getting tapped by aerials a few times the whole game going solo....meanwhile I'm 176th place. I beat it twice this week so far trying to go from 6th to something higher on the weekly, and I'm still 6th despite my buddy who got first is still in first and only did one run. I was in the match w/ him but accidentally turned off my 360 w/ my knuckle in the 90's....arg...so yea....anywho....the game isn't w/out its faults, but its gotta be my favorite thing to play when I wanna drive myself crazy or just solo settlement b/c i'm bored. Lately its been Iron Brigade, Transformers: Devastation, or Netflix for me... *Edit...the gold skin lag glitch...thats why i always use the lvl 1 olive skin...never have issues with it. Also, the jakobs....turrets aren't meant to shoot them...they exist to make the game harder. Thats the point of having jakobs....because jakobs hate you. They suck, but the game would be waaaaay too easy without them.
  7. Sweet idea! Its ridiculous what got more votes than Iron Brigade....like battlefield bad company 2. I LOVED that game years ago and we had a solid crew of a dozen or so in the 'clan' and knifing ppl was our thing. We'd literally rush in a pack and you'd shoot 2-3 of us but one of us would get your tags in the end. Now the multi is just about dead and nobody plays the viet nam maps anymore (i check once in a blue moon) and viet nam became our thing we did for months till BF 3 came out....and yet this got thousands more votes, despite the lack of multi (i think its just russians that play it still, from what i always hear in the mic). I guess this turned into a battlefield rant, but its like ppl are voting for things without considering that the point is to actually play them when the coding is finished....sheesh.
  8. Put a psp emulator on my ouya and played the bejebus out of powerstone 2 today. Iron Brigade, Pinball Fx 2, and Borderlands 2 on the 360 lately and recently got hooked on The Walking Dead game on the ipad (one really sux and the other official one is pretty sweet)
  9. From what I've read about Xbone backwards compatibility, Microsoft says that it's up to the publishers and developers to determine whether they want their games available via this feature; that it was a simple matter of allowing Microsoft to repackage the game for virtualization on the Xbone. I watched a video where some MS guy was playing something that was backwards compatible and he said that the whole 360 library would be done in the future but only a dozen games were ready now and can be played if you were in on the 'preview' service. I don't doubt what you're saying...its prolly just spin in multiple directions and if the backwards emulator they're working on doesn't work they can blame publishers I'm guessing. I will get an XB 1 when Iron Brigade becomes b-c. Till then I'll letting my xb 1 library keep growing from games with gold.
  10. PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSEEEEE make a 'lets play' out of the gaming session. Also, is the steam version playable on mac? Is there potential for new content on the steam version?
  11. Its an MS issue, not DF. For every complaint we can make....blame MS. Supposedly EVERY 360 game...disk and arcade will be backwards compatible at some point or so MS claims.
  12. Missions: this is where you practice/goof around. (duh) Survival: This is where you play 'hardball' and rely on strategy. The #1 chassis for this game is the Honeychurch. It is not possible to solo survival solo without an orange emplacement (for the time being unless we get a new SELKER CHASSIS WITH 2 GREEN AND 2 BLUE....THIS BETTER BE IN THE GODD#@N UPDATE/DLC IF IT EVER HAPPENS!) You can solo with a Hamer, but its really annoying. 1.Dampeners are 10x more important than collection. 2. Sniper turrets are your best friend in this game (Piercing Sniper Turrets are the bees knees!) 3. If you have the Martian Bear DLC, Fiesta Shotguns are the best weapons in the game as far as dps goes (fire rate/damage/reload time...) 4. When solo always use either hot pants or speedy biped legs. Hot pants are slower, but the 'explosive sprint' can push blitzers away from you (this will also set off explosive barrels on the map, so be aware of your surroundings) Dampeners - DO NOT let the dampeners 'rings' that indicate their range overlap. The second one cancels out and just becomes a waste of space. To give you an idea of specific range...on the bridge on Hospital...one dampener, 3 shredders/mines (same space taken up), and one dampener. The 3 shredders' space is pretty much as close as you can get two dampeners. Collection: Similar deal.....waste of space to have fields overlap, but it is funny seeing scrap go from one collection to another to another to another....I used to put them a certain way that would make scrap go all the way down 'long path' (orange base) on Settlement. It is estimated that tube health goes up 10% every 10 waves....DF Staff (especially Brad...who is this game's father which makes him awesome,btw) feel free to clarify this if you're bored. Thus, after a while you just tickle the tubes and the emplacements do the work, except for the jakobs for the most part. Getting stuck on the map...always sux. You can get stuck on hospital and settlement running off of cliffs/ramps and landing behind an emplacement. I think you can get stuck in hospital running around into long path's conduit at just the right angle. Swamp's bridge conduit across from the bridge (surrounded by trees)..walking on the edge of the map next to the conduit's ramp and falling down...you get stuck. Settlement, the ramp by green, you can get stuck in the crack by the shelf and behind blue's conduit down a path on the left behind it... Also, on swamp, bigger chassis will get stuck behind the tree next to the wall where you can run up the edge to get up to the trees under the aerial spawn. I'm on the 360 ...gamertag: JediJedahPirate if this gets read and you want an easy 100 on survival.
  13. Seriously.....ANY??? I would easily pay 20 dollars for new chassis and maps. It was probably a long road you guys went through to get back in the saddle on pc. Please tell me that this game will have a rebirth in some form someday. I was playing 6 hours or so ago doing 'swamp solo with lasers' in a honeychurch earlier...still haven't beaten it yet. Closest I got to 100 is 97. Making the game insanely difficult is what makes it so fulfilling. Some people made some good points here....like making maps already in the game into survival maps. DLC content could be new legs like jet-jump boots (which might be pretty cool for maneuvering around swamp if it had wicked height to the jump, or to evade blitzers when they ram at you). Above all else...I just want a selker with 2 green and 2 blue. A piercing slug shotgun with short range would be wicked..if the range were too far it'd be way too o-p and that would ruin the fun. Some new items of clothing like a diamond encrusted outfit would be pretty funny too and each piece of the outfit should cost more than the white tuxedo. I don't know if any of this will ever happen on console, but theres a chance it could happen on pc. Even the chance of it becoming a hat sim like TF2 turned into. After I saw the thing on the front page about steam...i had to rant. P.S. To Brad: Congrats on procreating!
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