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  1. So, Obduction announced Oculus Rift support as an official stretch goal.
  2. Olympus: An Epic Orchestral Album, a Kickstarter Staff Pick, has 44 hours left and is at 97%. It's exactly what it sounds like, a Kickstarter for an album of epic fantasy orchestral music inspired by Greek mythology. You can see if you like the music here: Also, for what it's worth Tommy Tallarico from Video Games Live backed it. Though I don't know if saying that makes you guys more or less likely to back it.
  3. I see what you did there. (Note: For clarity, I included more of your actual quote this time around. Also, the italic emphasis is mine. -Puddingpie) I'm going to assume this is a mockery of the way Anita Sarkeesian has been distorted, rather than an example of such distortion. =P Though either way my typo was quite unfortunate. I thought "hate male" was a humorous slang term you invented to mean (noun): the type of disproportionately rage-filled correspondence sent by indignant men to internet feminists. JUST A TYPO THOUGH, which I see you edited. Nothing to see here!
  4. Today I saw a BBC news segment about a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who created a crowdfunding site to raise money for people who need medical treatment. The report brings up various concerns that critics have brought up as well. What do you think?
  5. I'd like to see them do well, if only to show that the much-discussed, widely felt Kickstarter Fatigue can indeed be vanquished! Not backing myself though. It does look pretty generic, and there's no game footage and very little concept art to judge it by. Maybe one day I'll buy the soundtrack. With Uematsu on board, the music, if nothing else, is guaranteed to be epic.
  6. I'm picturing that Sulphur Brain with angry eyebrows.
  7. An album of epic orchestral music inspired by the twelve Greek gods of Olympus. Feast your ears! Olympus, Album of the Gods They should put an epilepsy warning on that Kickstarter video. Jesus.
  8. Have some epic orchestral music inspired by Greek mythology: Olympus, Album of the Gods
  9. Clique Refresh, a comic about a girl whose best friends are online gaming friends she's never physically met. It’s a celebration of finding your sense of belonging on the internet and a community among fellow gamers. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/851906756/clique-refresh The artist is Amy Falcone from Penny Arcade's Strip Search. If she hits the $25k stretch goal, which is pretty much guaranteed at this point, Mary Cagle ("cubewatermelon") from The Trenches and Table Titans will be joining on as a colorist for the first chapter.
  10. Wow! Really impressed with that trailer. It's been forever since I've been actually interested in a movie romance. I might go so far as to say... this might be the first time! I'm not even a big AI buff normally, but a movie that explores the limits of means to be human and all that deep stuff is just riveting. Daaaang.
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