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  1. - In a watermelon - Melée Island - Fritz' beer garden - concert hall - Paris underground - The Giggle web search server - purity ball - vampire beach club - rock-paper-scissors world (like matter and antimatter but with three... you know, don't look at me, I'm not a chemist)
  2. You might just get your wish soon. How many wishes do I have left now?
  3. I'll do it as well. Analog. Pen and Paper. Thanks for this insight and the strategies to fight myself from getting distrac-- Squirrel! Oh and by the way, I really like this forum, in some other forums I were there was a big amount of people obviously practicing freewriting in every open thread.
  4. Great episode Hope to see more of Ron Gilbert in the future, he seems to be the shy guy, not showing as much of the stuff that is going on in his mind like Tim. Also looking forward to the part where you'll start the sound design.
  5. Right, but what does that mean exactly?Does it go into the Double Fine Corporate Bank Account? Does a portion of it go to the project's dev team? Does it fund the next project? Does Tim take it all and buy drumsticks and headbands? The most straightforward answer is that it goes into making more games! The thing about game development which differs to movie production (for example) is that staff stay employed full-time even after their project is finished, so you need to be able to find money for payroll all the time. Usually what that means is having another publishing deal ready to go so you can just roll that staff onto that new project, but as an independent studio it's also nice to be able to roll people onto a self-funded project using money from the last project. I'd be so happy if my money did not just back ONE game but the start of a new adventure game era. So if there's some money left after your project is finished and if you earn some with that game, take your 2 or 3 OOO days and then start the next game. And take all your backers with you to the next backers forum
  6. Better late than never... : Gratulation für diese affengeile und erfolgreiche Bewerbung! I simply love the fact that there are companies out there that honor creative work and art. It's not always about how many years you spent abroad or how many unpaid internships you made but how dedicated you are to what you are doing and how bad you want to have that job you always dreamt of. Next time, apply for more than just an internship, there is not much left a school could teach you.
  7. Yay, I also finally joined the forums. Happy to be here, already a lot to read and so excited to be part of this.
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