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  1. Yeah, I like the idea of new costumes and stuff.
  2. They ARE however on top of those things you can double team with and the druid stabs you and the swords come out of the ground, so I guess that kinda counts. Now what was that thing called again?
  3. Woah dude. Don't you think that's a little too flashy? I mean, come on. If you put something that valuable into a video game special edition, Gamestops all over the country would get robbed. Think man, THINK! That's like putting little chunks of gold into chocolate bars. You are not thinking of the poor headgear-less peasants that roam the fields with soiled hair. Think about their needs! THEIR NEEDS?! WHY, WE COULD RULE THE WORLD WITH THOSE SHOWER CAPS and/or TINFOIL HATS! THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES, MATE, THINK!
  4. Tainted Coil fits my playing style the best, so yeah, Tainted Coil.
  5. DoRobotsDream


    The weather was easily the best I've seen in any game. Ever.
  6. Is there a spectator mode in BL? Because I'd totally like to watch.
  7. I have an Xbox 360 elite, didn't install, and no framerate issues. How old is your Xbox?
  8. G-G-Game guide....? But that's like, ruining the game, man.
  9. Yeah, but at the same time they're totally different. They're both incredible games in my opinion.
  10. I think he might have been.... I'd have to look again.
  11. I'd like to dedicate this thread to Double Fine, for making another most excellent game. I just completed it, although I still have my share of item collecting and exploring to do. But back to the point, thanks DF for making Brutal Legend. alternately, can I has sequel plox?
  12. I can deal with that, as I think they're kinda cool.
  13. I mean look at the thing. How could you NOT think that?
  14. On the Brutal Legend displays at your local game stop.
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