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  1. Tim confirmed that they did make enough $$ to finish act 2. So, that's a thing
  2. Was I the only one who thought Once Upon a Monster was the height of Double Fine cool?
  3. Ways to improve Broken Age: Have a flask, and a way to Get Ye Flask.
  4. And if it was a text adventure, you wouldn't find out you needed the spoon back in the spaceship you left until you needed it halfway through Act 2 and therefore being unable to complete the game.
  5. OH WOW, I ACTUALLY DID THAT AND COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT... Well, this is embaressing... um... thank you Doublefine for giving me what I wanted before I wanted it even though I already got it before I requested it...
  6. Is there any chance we could die/fail in Act 2? Even if it's a secret/super hard to do/broke the immersion? Even if the character instantly snapped out of it because "It was all a dream?" I dunno, just a thought. Here is my collection of interesting failures in games you are not supposed to fail in: The classic Drown in Monkey Island: Monkey Island 2 Acid: Duck-pocalypse from The Walking Dead *kinda spoilery, even though non-cannon*
  7. I find this odd. Nowhere did I get the impression old game had to compete with Telltale's adventure games. Also, if he were meant to symbolize old adventure games, wouldn't Shay's story have been styled more like an old school adventure game? And there was one other thing I found odd, oh yeah PEOPLE DIED A LOT IN OLD SCHOOL ADVENTURE GAMES! Heck, the tradition was started in adventure game's grandpapy: the text adventure games : And unlike arcade games, death wasn't necessary to get more tokens into a machine.
  8. And then there's this problem with kickstarted videogames in general: http://evilasahobby.com/2014/01/18/kickstander-only-around-a-third-of-kickstarted-video-game-projects-fully-deliver-to-their-backers/ Obviously Doublefine carries less risk than dude in college, but if we are honest, even this successful kickstarter wasn't perfectly smooth, they lose money to fulfilling rewards that could have gone to the game (as opposed to self funding), and honestly, I think the best creative projects aren't usually the ones we ask for: they are almost always the ones we didn't even know we wanted--think of all the complaints about sequels. (Yes, I'm sure you can think up examples to counter this statement, it's an opinion grounded more in truthiness than fact, *gosh darn it autocorrect, webster says truthiness a word, why don't you* but I'm curious if anyone has a similar sediment)
  9. Look, dude, I'd disagree with someone who said portal was too short of a game for his $10 (even though I got it for free ) but I would never type more than 100 words disagreeing with him. I mean, I agree with you, and you make a good point, but I doupt people will suddenly change their options (oh wow, BA WAS a great game all along? How did I miss that?), and they probably had other problems with the game/price too (Nobody is saying THIS GAME WAS THE GREATEST THING EVER but only 3 hours, most have it as one of their complaints.) Just remember the motto of the internet: http://xkcd.com/386/
  10. According to statistics (Too lazy to look them up, so go ahead and say I'm wrong. I won't mind), demo is a bad idea, and the only demos that I've seen positively affect a game are one's that got a lot of press for being different. So far, the only demos I've seen get press are Stanley Parable (Shows off the feel of the game without using the actual game) and Bravely Default (Side story you transfer items over from and street pass in). Both seemed like they required extra time/money Double Fine does not have. But that's just me. Maybe you all have different experiences. I've played many demos in my day, but haven't gotten many of those games.
  11. I'm noticing the absence of a certain 21 million subscribed let's player... Here's a hint: It's starts with P and ends in Pie... > A game grumps/steam train might be fun, but I bet they'd just get stuck and start complaining. But if you hit jackpot with them starting a remix meme...
  12. Kinda reminds me of the old JRPG vs American RPGs debate and where to draw the line. However, shouldn't this topic have it's own post instead of keeping GIVE ME A REFUND afloat? I mean, dude got his answer, and he hasn't posted in here for a while. Good topic, just seems like a missleading place to have it. An' I'm out.
  13. Last I heard, (from a website citing a leaked memo/email from some inde company) steam is still doing 30%. However, just to make things more complicated: Double fine get 10% of all broken age tradingcards/booster packs/backgrounds/emoicons sold on the steam market place. Trading cards usually go for 11-15 cents (currently twenty) and DF is guaranteed a penny per sale. Backgrounds/emoicons usually are around 2 cents (once again, penney per sale) (unless it's an awesome rare emoticon), booster packs are around 30 cents (currently $1.28). And foil cards usually hover around a dollar? (Don't usually check). Double fine's hardest Broken Age Puzzle: Figuring out how much money Double Fine makes off Broken Age. Enjoy the challenge! (Personally, I'm going to look around for hint coins or a walkthrough or something)
  14. Oh.... sorry, I was idleingPLAYING for the trading cards. Didn't realize I'd mess up your statistical analysis of new people playing
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