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    Not a ton to say, more of a lurker than a poster. I read too much pony fanfiction and like to craft with my hands.
  1. Is it bad that the thing that made me giggle the most was it looks like there are playboy magazines in the magazine rack? ^^;
  2. Agreed. I for one am so grateful to have a chance to see so much behind the scenes stuff and be so active in how the game has formed and changed. Keep it up!
  3. I can't decide what I like more. The day of the devs livestream, or the fact that despite people having very differing opinions and attitudes on here they still have polite, civil, and friendly conversations. It's like an oasis in a storm. This is what I get for being a forum mod elsewhere:P Fearmonkey I can somewhat understand your concerns but I also question your faith in the backers, how do you know that they all feel the exact same way you do about adventure games? Some surely may like things easier or harder, or perhaps wildly different than how you define a good adventure game. I feel like your posts kind of lump all backers together and all non backers together as an us against them mentality when I think it's more likely to be a general mix of all different thoughts and opinions within both backers and non-backers. As well, the demo sounds very limited so at first I did sort of get the impression they would have full game access which did bug me a little, but with the clarification that it's only a very small section I'm not so fussed. I think it is a really good idea to get feedback from people who didn't back the game simply because they're more likely to have different biases than us. It's a fairly safe bet that most backers are either fans of adventure games and or fans of Tim Schafer. That means we may be likely to think more positively of adventure games and his works. As well, we've been fairly close to the project as it's been developing and so might overlook things due to familiarity to them. Allowing fresh eyes to look it over means you have more chances for things that have been overlooked to be spotted. As well you sort of give the impression, you think they will entirely rewrite or change huge chunks of the game based on one sample size. I don't think that's too likely for the fact that it's not a big enough group to be accurate. Curious to hear your thoughts either way
  4. I was sorely tempted to do the same but my classmates might all rise up and lynch me ^^;
  5. Definitely fun stuff. Mog's breathing really made me shiver and I can't wait to see the video hooked to these incredible sound samples. I definitely would love to hear more breakdown about how you get certain sounds, as to me that's some of the most fascinating parts of foley.
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