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  1. Brad and all the Massive Chalice forum I just want to address a misconception I see on this thread. It seems that some of the people here seem to think that those of us that aren't posting are not engaged in this development. While I mostly lurk on the forums I have watched nearly every minute of the team streams and try to keep up to date where I can. Let me address at least how I felt as a backer on this announcement in the hope that you can understand my feelings. I am thrilled that this game will see a console release. I am however very disappointed that I will most likely not be taking part. Please understand that I would have been more than happy if the game was announced as exclusively debuting on a platform. I realize the costs associated with porting the engine and game are non-trivial as well as the costs of keeping a team on a game. Just taking other platforms out of the discussion completely is unfortunate. I also worry about what this means for SteamOS as it could potentially be seen as a console platform depending on contract wording. Will we see problems there? I guess ultimately the biggest frustration is the way that this was announced makes it an absolutely opaque business decision to us. If we were told that it was a decision made because otherwise it wouldn't make it to consoles it would be more understandable. I think honestly ever a simple statement that "this wasn't an easy decision but we felt it was with the best interest of the game would have helped." The way it was announced felt very much like we, your backers, were indirectly devalued. TL:DR/conclusion This won't change my feelings about Double Fine and I still look forward to nearly all your releases. Ultimately I just wish there had been a lot more clarity about this announcement and the reasons behind it as it felt somewhat disingenuous after all the talk of independent and open production. In any case congrats again on 1 year of Massive Chalice development. It is looking amazing and I can't wait for release. Maybe this can become the second DF game to find a sequel! (Also I cut this down significantly as it was incredibly long and rambling before. If anything doesn't make sense I apologize and it was probably at least partially because of something else I cut out.)
  2. I personally would prefer a esc to pause then a menu item allowing skip to next sequence.
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