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  1. The main thing I hope from a remaster is that the game will include more content and be longer. When I was a kid I played adventure games with my brother. We used to spend weeks or even month playing them sometimes getting stuck for quite a long time on puzzles. I played Full Throttle alone (my brother was away) and I was utterly shocked when I finished the entire thing in under 6 hours. I was like ... where is the rest of the game ??! That is my primary memory of this game and I always feel nostalgic but sad when thinking about it because it's a really fun game with a good story and great characters. .. so if there is any way to bring in additional puzzles and content that would be the best. P.S. Keep the wonderful soundtrack
  2. Good job DF. Knew you could do it! Thanks for giving this to backers. Now I can finally play this game
  3. Pencil Test, the developers of Armikrog faced the same situation. They never promised to release the game on GOG, only on a DRM-free platform. They offered it on Steam and Humblebundle. A few users asked if it would be possible to get it on GOG and started a small forum topic. Within 1 day the developer got in touch with Humblebundle and GOG and keys were issued for all backers! Details here http://goo.gl/58cP6q and here https://goo.gl/gguqTT Shame on you DF. If Pencil Test can do it in one day I'm sure you can finally give us backers Massive Chalice on GOG, no?
  4. I think it will take quite a long time, but at some point the game will become so cheap on GOG that DF will just release codes for backers and just about anybody else who would invest in their latest and greatest. Time will tell ...
  5. It's not a question of promise, DF didn't break any promises. Nobody is saying that. It's a question of listening to what backers need and if it doesn't cost DF any effort, providing the game on as many platforms as possible. Like others said, the game is already out on GOG, so they wouldn't have to do any special build or financial arrangements AND, there is a precedent, they have done it for Broken Age. So it's more of a question of will I have not played the game, and don't plan to play it soon, so in my case this is a non-issue. However having the game on GOG would increase the likelihood of me playing it sooner rather than finishing my GOG backlog first before needing to install a steam client or a dated humblebundle version. (games sources on humblebundle are rarely kept up to date).
  6. Nothing wrong with that, except that I prefer GOG for the extra stuff that they give with games and especially the simplicity of the GOG Galaxy client which keeps the games up to date for me and will soon include many other neat features. Again I don't think this is about gamers complaining. We like DF and massive chalice. This more about giving us access to the game on a platform/service that we prefer (if it's possible for DF without too much effort). Like me and others mentioned, GOG are usually very accommodating to developers when it comes to giving them keys to their own games.
  7. This is the only official comment so far. Hope it won't be the only one. I would really like to play this game finally after such a long time of waiting as a backer
  8. I would be willing to do that too. I don't think that you can 'return' steam keys though. Not sure how that works. I haven't used mine yet in the hopes that DF would give me a GOG one for my unused steam key
  9. From what I heard from GOG.com, is that if the developer requests keys, they have no problem giving them. Send them an E-Mail and ask about keys for us backers. The worst that can happen is a no as the answer. Yes I also know that GOG is happy to give keys to the developer. They want to get more people onto their platform, especially now that GOG Galaxy is out. I think they would say yes. GOG are usually very cool about these things. Been a GOG user for more than 5 years and have 200+ games from them. Also, I think they did this for Broken Age already without any fuss .. asking doesn't cost anything .. and you make 5 or 6 backers just a little bit happier
  10. 4 people Great... soon we'll be bigger than some of the European city-states
  11. You hear that doublefine? Now there are at least 3 people that want GOG keys! I would call that an undeniable majority wouldn't you ?
  12. They gave GOG codes for Broken Age after some time, so maybe they will also do it for Massive Chalice. Let's show them that there are many backers that prefer GOG.
  13. Any chance that backers will get GOG keys rather than steam keys or HB download? I prefer the GOG version because it's DRM free and better than the HB version because it's auto-updated. I would be willing to trade my HB/steam key for a GOG key.
  14. I do share your concept of patronage. I'll probably give DF more (in some form or another) But I feel there's something lacking here .. It should have been natural for me to want to give more .. but from the little there is about MassiveChalice .. it's not. At this point I feel more inclined to give money to DF by some other way. We'll see if that changes as the KS campaign moves forward. DF did manage to come up with quick prototypes in just 2 weeks .. some maybe something is backing in the oven for MC. thanks for you thoughts.
  15. I am already a backer and would like to support the project more, but ... I don't really care about any of the extra stuff, T-Shirts, soundtracks, posters, signatures, whatever ... (the only extra that seems interesting is the $5K design team meeting, but that's stratospheric for me) I would just give more money to support the game, but there is very very little information about it, very little to assure me that it will be a game that I will enjoy playing, very little art to see, music, features, mechanics .. Any reason I should give this game more $$$ ? other than the fact that I wanna support DF in their new model ?
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