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  1. Although I voted for Mnemonic because I personally would prefer playing a full version of it over the others, I agree that Dear leader would most likely be more successful as a product. Ideally they would both be made as I'd gladly put money down on both.
  2. I think the best way to describe my impression of the prototype would be this humorous image. The idea was interesting, and the twist at the end made it very very horribly memorable but I find it difficult to grasp what a full version would be like. I'm assuming it'd be all about replaying the game to tell the story of one of the best buds each time, much as big leg's story was told in this, and less about a sandbox experience of just chatting to the little numpties. If that's the case I'd be all for it as the conversational technology seemed really limited to non-existent in this, but ofcourse that's not to say if given more than two weeks it wouldn't be a thousand times better. The humor was definitely there, and it played well with the darker side of the story. Seeing more of that would be fun. It's an awesome thing you guys made in any case!
  3. I was very pleasantly surprised by Dear Leader. It wasn't the prototype I was looking forward the most, It's definitely the most polished and enjoyable out of all of them for me. It was deeper than I imagined it to be, and had way more features than I thought too. There was actual decision making and consequences, something I always thought Papers Please was lacking. My favorite part was the ability to deal with problematic people / situations in a variety of different ways. It started becoming an very cool detective game at times, having people watched and figuring out who's the threat and who's just weird, and then being judged on how I performed my investigation. More of that would be awesome. I adored the customization, like having your own title and drawing your own stamp. Very enjoyable to sit and come up with something. As for the art and sound, Its was perfect. Even the cruder looking stuff was charming and I wouldn't think twice about any asset there being in a final product. I only had one complaint, and that's some of my reports being hard to find. I sent out several edicts for searches of people homes and I thought it was broken until I finally found the reports not at the top of my paper stack, but the middle. Maybe be better if the most recent report was on top. Anyway, fantastic job!
  4. I quite enjoyed the prototype. You got across well the feeling of the game you could make from the idea, and for such a small amount of time you got the horse controls to a really good level. It felt great. It definitely feels very 'video gamey', but not in a bad way. It's not deep and I don't think your trying to make it that way, it's just a fun game. It's seems like, with a big world, it could be a really fun exploration game. Just running about on the horse looking for secrets was my favorite part, obviously reminiscent of SotC but more comfortable and funny. The combat was ok, but it felt really stiff. Lining up attacks was a bit iffy at times, and being limited to two melee attacks made it really repetitive. The horse having more abilities would have been nice. I did like the idea of the rider having their own ability that triggers ready expectantly, though. It kept combat dynamic. Also, wouldn't have minded a gallop button. It was fun, and the waterwheel bit was neat. Still hard to believe it was made in just two weeks.
  5. Completed the prototype just not long ago, I loved the idea you guys where going for. Thought I'd just throw out my 2 cents as feedback. The theme and concept of the game as a whole I thought were great. I can really imagine it being a good full-length experience as long as the story and revelations from each memory as you progress where written well. The setting was cool as well, It reminded me of the original bioshock and It'd be fun to explore more densly detailed, but small environments if there was a decent lore behind the company / characters to read about. I liked the structure too. Returning to a memory and it having take new meaning because of what you've learnt, like the lights shining new detail on the alley scene, was nice. The puzzles themselves where interesting. I enjoyed the idea of using concepts rather than items to solve puzzles and make the right connections. I didn't get stuck at any point, but I remember solving the key puzzle with the skyline being really rewarding even if It wasn't too difficult to figure out. More abstract ideas like that one would be great. A few things I found bothersome, but would probably work in a full-length game, was the documents you find. For such a short prototype there was a lot of reading, some of the backstory seeming redundant. But again, that's probably just because of the pacing of the prototype. Also, being ported back to the hub world after finding certain clues was annoying, as I hadn't finished exploring that area yet. Overall, I loved it! Great job.
  6. I thought it was fine. Especially if your like me and like having a big mug of tea to drink as you point-n-click. The only thing that was weird was dragging objects from the inventory. If I remember correctly, you have to click and HOLD the mouse button to move them, and I think I'm used to clicking once on the object, then again on the object I want to interact with. Of course I got used to it very quickly, so it's a bit of a non issue really.
  7. I voted that they were 'too easy'. But I think it's more about how the puzzles are presented than the actual figuring them out. The main thing I noticed was that I'd usually be given items to solve the puzzle before I got to the puzzle itself, so most of the time when I came to something I had to solve I just had to glance in my inventory and use the obvious choice. There weren't many occasions where I had to sit and think "Hm. I wonder how I can get by this. Oh, I know! I go and get an X, or maybe try and get that characters Y!". Coming to a puzzle and solving it on the spot isn't very satisfying. -- Minor spoilers Below! -- The worst case of this was the Riddle of Yorn. I had the fruit in my inventory for a while by that point, and as soon as I was challenged with the riddle I didn't even have to pay attention. I just knew the answer would be the fruit since I'd had it so long. It was a bit bothersome since I really like riddles. I really hope the difficulty is ramped way up for part II. Still very enjoyable either way though!
  8. I'm someone else who didn't completely get the twist at the end, which is kind of frustrating since I love plot twists! I think the reason I didn't 'get' it was because there wasn't enough immediate, or apparent, evidence for me that the inside of Mog Chothra was the ship Shay was in during the game. I thought it was a different vessel that captured him at the end of his story and for some reason brought him to Vellas' planet. It's a shame since if the game continued for another few seconds I would have seen the inside of Mog better and pieced it together. Maybe it's because I finished Shay's story completely before starting Vellas' and I forgot how his ended exactly. Still, just my two cents. Game was still awesome! First Post yay.
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