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    After making a last minute decision to get a law degree instead of computer science degree, I ended up just enjoying games, but who cares, who's reading this? Why are you reading this, how did you find my profile? I'm not a very active forum poster....I never know what to say...wait I guess I just said a lot........ ADVENTURE
  1. Quick run down of James Williems. He worked at Machinma and eventually joined the "Inside Gaming" crew. A majority of people who were part of Inside Gaming left, and then joined Rooster Teeth starting a sub-group called FunHaus (they have their own youtube channel, general humor, joking around regarding games etc etc). The reason why he's relevant to Psychonauts is he was very vocal about his fandom of Psychonauts, basically his default answer to "best game/game that needs a sequel etc" was almost always PSYCHONAUTS. TL;DR James Williems, popular youtuber, big fan of Psychonauts, Cool dude
  2. Tim Schafer is that guy that holds the door open for you, but only when you're slightly too far away and it becomes super awkward
  3. Late to the party are we? Doublefine already released all the episodes on their Youtube channel
  4. In the Doc, they discussed the release date, when they said April JP goes "April?". To which it's explained they need three weeks to produce for physical product. So off of that I'd assume they were planning to be done by end of March
  5. I think it's a good idea, do a slow public roll out. I say go for it! Sidenote: Also it'd be cool if we could download the side quests! (get it, I put the side quests in the sidenote cause...ya)
  6. While this might be an issue for you and it might also puzzle you and it is admittedly about Episode 17, it is still off-topic. 1. His question was answered (it was a discussion but it was pointed out that the issue at hand has been solved) 2. Who shaved and made you beard king?
  7. Very nice to hear. Thanks Greg! Aaaaaand looks like I spoke too soon. We got the rough cut, but with approvals and audio pass yet to be done, it's looking like this will be early Jan. Sorrrry! Good news is that filming for the episode after that is well underway and should follow pretty close on its heels. Greg you know we like it rough.......the doc, we like the doc rough.
  8. I will give you a hint on that one: It's not wind. It's farts, Mog Chothra is powered by farts confirmed
  9. agree Uhhh Ace, I dunno how to tell you this, but they've released a whole episode, and two updates (one very recently) since Gorudo posted that comment
  10. Does anyone remember that fan video 2PP made awhile ago? They asked what the fans thought of the doc, and DF presented it at a conference, I've been around the forums and can't seem to find it.
  11. They don't even know, if you watched the last episode, they really want to get it out before 2014 is over, and seem to be trying to do that, but if they miss that probably early 2015
  12. You passed this time Greg...this time.... TORCH FORKS 2014 (always watching)
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