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  1. First of all thank you Double Fine for just being awesome. Through this whole thing - whenever a documentary came out - I was reminded that there ARE awesome, passionate, friendly and just generally pleasant people out there. The game is beautiful, the art, the voices - Elijah is great, but I totally fell in love with Vella from the moment she started talking. The dialog is so funny and to the point that it never gets boring to try out every possibility. The soundtrack is just outright unbelievable. The atmosphere it creates... I don't even know how you guys did that. Overall amazing - I hope that Broken Age will not be the last story to come out of the amazing engine you have on your hands now. Oh and the switching between Vella and Shay is so perfect for when you're stuck on a puzzle (not that I ever was). Keep rocking - and THANK YOU!!!
  2. Episode 11: Ship It

    Oh and if you don't like math: "Creativity" just means that after spending half the budget you might not be happy with what you have and start from stratch. That's mostly not true for the software tools created in the process, though and that's why they are of utmost importance. Thank you Oliver (go Germany!) Look at the absolute awesomeness that Rayman Legends has become. They spent a LOT of time developing the tools, so that Levels could come together "with a few clicks", reducing the cost for just trying out stuff. If that game has 100 great levels, you should expect another 100 almost-great levels having been scratched in the process, amongst 1.000 not-so-great ones and maybe a few rubbish ones. You can't apply the same try-and-pick process to an adventure game.
  3. Episode 11: Ship It

    Not trying to kill you with the bags, but to actually just GIVE you the money. That's what the little heart thing was for. I probably wouldn't be in the suit then. I hope that was clear.
  4. Episode 11: Ship It

    Let me just stress this again with pure mathematics, because this seems to be beyond so many peoples grasp. Let's talk about a expected "bump" in the road on a 400,000$ budget that would cause a 20% increase in needed funds would mean another 80,000$. They would have found that kind of money on the studio floor. Now the financial scope has increased by a factor of 5. Which means all the assets, planning, designing, number of people on the project - just for arguments sake - increase by a factor of five. Naturally that means the chances for bumps (people disagreeing, being sick, inputs and ideas you never expected to even land on the table) increase by the same factor - i would actually dare to say even more, but again - just for arguments sake - let's say. We're looking at a "expected" bump of 100% now. Just the pre-heating phase where no work is done at all is so much longer. There's no 2mil on the studio floor. The world leading minds in management that some other post tried to conjur would have accounted for that of courese and presented us with a plan to make a 800.000$ budget game off a $3,336,371$ kickstarter. I don't think the vocal bunch of whiners and nitpickers amongst the backers, that thought they could snatch a AAA game for 10$ early 2013 would have been happy then. Let me just say I have re-watched every episode of this documentary at least twice, everytime with tears in my eyes just by the fact, that people as brilliant, fun and positive as the DF-Team even exist! You guys are great and if i was Richy Rich (scratch that, Bruce Wayne.., or rather Tony Stark, Tony, I'll go with him!!), I'd be happy to just throw bags of money at you. <3
  5. Holy hell the game looks great! I don't mean this to sound too surprised (because I did trust you guys) and this video is also meant to be about the backers but HOLY HELL THE GAME LOOKS SO GREAT! the excitement is literally killing me, but I will hold on until the game is finished.
  6. Funny i had to browse all the way to the last post to find what i was looking for. Do this but don't forget the slacker backers. I'm not ashamed to say that in the beginning of supporting kickstarter projects i was out for promising games for little money. This mindset has changed a lot over the course of time and this project is one of the reasons. So I'm asking: Ho will you please let me give you a little more of my money? I love and trust you, Team Reds. Hell I've spent 80$+ on console games that more often than not do nothing but gather dust.