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  1. 16:30 is very impressive! Did you use the in-game timer, or did you stopwatch yourself? I never really timed myself, but I know it's somewhere under 20 minutes. Thank you! I stopwatched myself, the in-game save time says 14mins. o_o I was going to post a video before but figured I should hold off until the game is actually out. I'd love to compare times/strats soon if you happen to make one too!
  2. Hey, awesome to see other people are running the game! I gave it a few shots and after some route planning, I've got the whole game down to 16min30sec. I quite enjoyed the game, but I think routing the game was the most satisfying puzzle of all.
  3. I personally took 3-4 hours to beat it and don't feel short-changed, at least not as far as the story is concerned, but man did the puzzles feel easy. If a character says something like "jeez, I really need a hammer" and then two rooms away, there's a hammer lying on the ground, does that even count as a puzzle?
  4. At first blush, I found this idea repellent and echoed many of the sentiments Greg expressed in the latest documentary video. With a little bit of cooling down however, I feel like as long as it's in service of a great, finished game that matches the original vision... then I'm all for it. These things happen in development, it's not any more money out of our wallets, we're still getting everything we were promised when we backed, and for those of us who'll play the first half right when it comes out, we're getting it sooner than we would otherwise! The only downside for me is that it's going to be really hard to resist playing the first half when it comes out. I really want the full experience in one go... gotta stay strong! >_<
  5. Wow, incredible! Thank you for such an informative and detailed write-up! Also loving the names!
  6. This was really quite enjoyable and informative to read. Thank you so much for all the effort you must have put into writing this (not to mention your work on Broken Age )!
  7. As with many here, none of the titles moved me that much. I do sort of like some of the names that have been suggested here, like The Divide, or Standing Fall. I hope the community keeps coming up with good ones! The game deserves a great title!
  8. For some reason, Hack N Slash was the only pitch I didn't read, and subsequently assumed was just a Zelda clone. Now that I've seen it come together and understand what it's about I'm infinitely more excited to play it and pleased by its progress!
  9. I'd say $30 sounds like a fair price, but it also sounds way less attractive. Since we've already paid, I doubt anyone here will really feel or express that much outrage, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's some backlash or the rate of slacker backers drops off. If you guys need a little more cash you could always ask us! Actually I have no idea what the implications of that would be -- probably not good, haha -- but I do know I'd give you another $10 or $20 if you did ask. Hope the price point change works out well!
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