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  1. My understanding is that the difference between the HD 2500 and 3000 is the number of execution units, so I wouldn't expect the game to crash with my GPU but just run slower. (possibly too slow to play, but I can't even get that far)
  2. I have an Intel i5-3450 (HD2500 graphics) running Debian Wheezy (testing) and I get the exact same behavior and crash when I try to run the game.
  3. The Vimeo player doesn't work on my desktop system (Debian Wheezy, Iceweasel/Firefox 10.0.5, and Flash 11,2,202,236) so I normally have to load up XP in virtual box to watch the episodes. This test player seems to work rather wonderfully. I hope you guys do decide to switch.
  4. -Inside an abandoned copper mine -Somewhere along the coast of a HUGE freshwater lake -A large abandoned train station (think Michigan Central Station in Detroit) -House with two one-eyed cats. one left and one right -Lost in a library -Old black and white photography developing room -The largest island in the largest lake on the largest island on the largest fresh water lake, by surface area, in the world (48.009563,-88.770972)
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