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  1. No it's not. If Revolution could produce a quality game with all hand drawn graphics like BA but give us 20 hours of good gameplay all for under a Mill why couldn't DF of done more with 3 Mill?
  2. To add a little parity. Revolution managed to pack 20 hours (assuming the 2nd half is as long as the first) into BS5 on only $771,560. I've not played BA yet but I was hoping for a bit more than 4 hours considering the amount of money they raised.
  3. Now that I have my triple monitor setup working correctly I thought I'd have a final play through The Cave with the last two unused characters. Imagine my annoyance when I changed the resolution 5040x1050 and the game just crashes out to the desktop. I have successfully played Portal, Portal 2, Grid, Dirt 3 and Duke Nukem Forever using the nvidia surround mode and everything works as it should. The Cave seems to be the only one having a problem, it plays absolutely fine btw when you use a regular screen mode like 1680x1050. My System is as follows Win 7 x64, 8gb OCZ Ram, 2 x GTX 460 SLi (GeForce 314.22) and Athlon Phenom II x4 @ 3Ghz (everything is at stock) and this is the error message Windows spits out when thecave.exe falls over
  4. ROFL any dedicated card will kick the poo out of an Intel hd card (they are bloody awful). Let it go, you know your laptop can't run the game and you're just trolling now. I can't be bothered to continue having this conversation since you refuse to see what's in front of your face. good luck in getting the game to work I'll see you later.
  5. The simple truth is your laptop just isn't up to it. Irrespective of it playing other games it CAN'T play The Cave. For shits and giggles I tried it on my E6400 (core 2 duo 2.4Ghz, 4Gb Ram, Quadro 160) and it also played it fine your problem is your GPU plain and simple.
  6. It's playable on my Portege R700 in 1024x768 with all the bells and whistles turned off but that's a slightly newer chipset than your one (fifth generation compared to fourth generation). It looks like, unfortunately, your laptop is missing the minimum spec for the game by a gnats whisker.
  7. Obviously if you do decide to reinstall then you need to backup your savegame or you'll be back to the campfire.
  8. Sounds like your Steam install is broken as the patch definitely came out and caused a huge amount of trouble as it corrupted a lot of save games, including my own which I had to wait a week to get a fixed one back again (Thank you Justin you did a fantastic job!) so I could carry on playing. You might have to reinstall Steam or at the least delete all the Local cave files and redownload them. Dunno if that'll work but it's worth a try or just drop tech supp. a line.
  9. Patch came out about a week or so ago. if you're connected via steam then it will have already updated.
  10. Hello DF, I sent you guys my save game early yesterday and I still haven't got a response could someone let me know what the holdup is as I really want to be able to play the damn game after the update broke things.
  11. nOmArch

    The Voice

    The Cave/Narrator voice sounds like a semi passable impersonation of James Earl Jones.
  12. Save game files sent to DF. Please delete this or merge it with the bug report thread.
  13. Hi, I've been happily playing The Cave for a few days; at the moment I'm about half way through the Time Traveller's level with the Monk, Adventurer and Time Traveller characters. When I loaded the game up earlier today I clicked on continue game and it just takes me straight back to the 'Press Enter' screen. When I do I just get the standard main menu asking if I want to continue or start a new game. wash, rinse, repeat. Is this anything to do with the update that was released yesterday? Does anyone know of a way to get my game working again as I really don't want to have to play through 7 odd hours of game again. PC Specs Win7 x64 Phenom II Quad GTX480 8Gb Ram e2a: I've verified my local game files and they're fine.
  14. Dizzy sucked. Everything about it screamed budget £1.99 game, which it was.
  15. Yay thanks for the heads up, just pre-ordered!
  16. nOmArch

    The Cave Figures

    I've only heard the one rumour involving a lactating aubergine and some very small shoes, can you enlighten me as to what the others are?
  17. No worries, just a bit of a shock when I got to the post office as I thought it was a sata controller card as that was well over the £15 limit! EDIT: A simple solution in future would be to declare the monetary value of any freebies as free
  18. Hi Guys, Just a quick heads up for anyone who is thinking about buying a lovely DF T-Shirt from the UK. When placing your order ask them not to include the free Psychonauts Cut Scenes DVD (which wasn't mentioned on my order) as when it gets over to blighty due to the DVD being declared on the customs form it pushes the package over the £15 Import Tax limit and I had to pay an extra £11.20. I'm not whinging or bitching, I love free stuff, but if anyone else wants to avoid the extra surcharge get them to drop the DVD.
  19. Not wanting to split hairs too much but an android phone is a computer and since the whole point of it is to play games on your big screen TV it doesn't need to be any more portable than to be able to easily pick it up and take it to a mates house to play on their telly. So in a word, I guess, yes.
  20. How do you figure? Doesn't seem like it'd be any worse than on 360 or PS3. indeed.
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