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  1. Wow, I see allot of people who are gonna buy it multiple times(myself included; PS4/vita, steam, GOG pre-order) I missed this game for 10+ years, I'm making sure this one doesn't get away anymore :vampire:
  2. When will the playstation store of Europe be ready for pre-ordering Grim Fandango?
  3. The soundtrack is magical that came with the game. The music applies to everything that's happened in Act I. Is there coming another soundtrack when Act II is out?
  4. took me about 4 hours to complete act 1. What a incredible world that you created. The characters are strong (my favorite is the barfing tree). I hate that I have to wait so long for act 2, but I will stay strong. The puzzles were pretty easy, but maybe i'm just to good :coolsmirk: Music is genius and i'm going to listen to the soundtrack all day tomorrow. Voice acting is superb by every actor, great choices. Psyched to tell my gaming friends about this game and that it's worth the wait. Thank you Double Fine!
  5. It's not betrayal in my opinion. You will get what you paid for when act 2 is released.
  6. I don't know if this was already mentioned, but the music really had a "Braid-vibe" to it. Is this my imagination, a coincidence or is it on purpose?
  7. What about Europe? Specifically the Netherlands.....
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