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  1. I feel that the fact the store isn't even up, but you can still add a sticker to your order is a metaphor for something, but I can't quite put my finger on what.5 stars either way. Ya man. Like, it's a metaphor for the meta culture we created: How anyone can make a tweet without writing a line of twitter code. You can literally send a message to anyone in the world without knowing how to make a line of twitter code, and you can sell a sticker without writing a line of sticker-seller code It's like - me as a developer, my entire being was copied and pasted from Canada and embedded in an iframe in your heart.
  2. Hey Double Fine. Once again, I did a thing, and of course I'm here to show you. http://www.corvix.org/ Cheerio, then! Colton Phillips
  3. I gave up on reality and became a superclown. Making video games was treacherous territory. I started a new channel where Solid Bros play awesome videogames for entertainment!
  4. Working for the Internet hardens your soul. You never know when someone is IRL or AFK. In any sense, this made me feel all sorts of feels.
  5. When you grow up in the projects you grow up with projects. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coltonphillips/melon-the-cat Melon the Cat
  6. Yo! Make your way to my website! Find it! All my games are free for a year! C
  7. FREE Android games OH YAH check out my little bundle of Android games. Pick it up now for free. Give me some feedback! C
  8. Alright, yo check it: The top left corner shows you points, and levels. if you pop a bubble you get a point. the diamond bubble nets you ten points. You gain levels by getting points. Also, if you leave the game for an hour 5 bubbles appear. If you leave the game for 24 hours, that's 24 x 5 bubbles. Casual, baby. It's a poopin' game.
  9. Check out my god damn fucking bubble game. Did you guys hear that new Sonata Arctica album? I'm so inspired. C
  10. Okay, so I feel like I produce enough content that it will be less confusing and less noisy if I share it all in this thread. As always, here's my website and that will take you to most of the right places on our journey. Colton Phillips Hello World, this is Colton in the Universe in your backdoor. C
  11. I'm finally ready to beg for money. Warning, the game has a bug where the loading screen volume is too loud. http://coltonphillips.itch.io/corvus-game
  12. new game on my site: Fez 2: Better Than Zippy Push Kid http://www.coltonphillips.ca
  13. http://coltonphillips.bandcamp.com/ “It’s like a really special mix tape?” - Lee Gauthier Maniac Mansion captures a piece of my life’s work in the Maniac Mansion with Lee Gauthier as an auditory projection of the moments of play my friends and I have engaged in. The album is meant to satiate funders of the Colton Phillips’ Humble Indie Fund. Subtext: The Maniac Mansion is the house on 2724 Cadboro Bay Road in Victoria B.C. The album is about addiction, the death of a game, and an idea in my head. There is a listener guide where I have jotted a mindmap of some of the themes. There is also bonus content: Cartoons I have drawn during the latter days in the Maniac Mansion. I’ll be at PAX Prime giving away my art outside the Warshington Memorial Center. I think that’s what it’s called.
  14. I produced much art from indiegogo funding. I'll be going down to Pax prime to share it on the streets. In the next year I will be leaving my house and (probably) becoming homeless as I finish school, and continue making games until I stop living and die.
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