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  1. I drive a 1973 white mazda truck... its stick and for some reason gravity decides to hate it... so it keeps ripping its parts off. It sucks.
  2. i haven't played it either, guess ill check that one out, hey, what about rogue squadron, old but fun! <---- run on and on sentence.
  3. well, i tried it on a diesel engine so, I dont know, but it sure didnt seem to improve anything at all!
  4. ZOMG!!!! I was in china recently, i managed to aquire Final Fantasy 20, Pokemon Chaos Black edition ( the chaos element is from the sonic games btw) and the 12th harry potter book, which I cant remember the name and i lent it to my english teacher to laugh at. but ya seriously, its nuts over there, anyone else know anything else wierd about china?
  5. I think that forum users should be allowed to get info straight from Tim Schafer about all projects.
  6. I was scared of the rancor on the prison lvl of mysteries of the sith.
  7. ZOMG that sasha one had to be the best fanart ive seen in months.
  8. you are one of the wierdest gamers ive ever met, although ya... once you hit 70 it gets a little boring.
  9. Just play World of Warcraft. you'll get addicted and forget all about you're xbox 360 controller.
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