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  1. 1. You have to describe knot correctly when speaking with Carol. Otherwise you'll get instructions for a different knot. 2. You have to describe instructions correctly to F'ther. Sometimes you can describe them correctly even if you have instructions for a different knot (but F'ther won't be able to untie it in that case).
  2. The leader of Thrush said that they became too delicate after hundreds of years of genetic engineering. They used lies and mogs to keep their own citizens and other settlements under control. Since their lies were exposed and mogs are gone there was nothing left to protect their conspiracy.
  3. It does look similar. I tried to move cursor diagonally and it indeed jumps up and down from time to time.
  4. Yes, mouse cursor does these little jumps if sensitivity is increased. I'm on Windows 8 64 bit and I use Logitech Performance MX. Default DPI is 1000.
  5. Is there a confirmation about text parser? I thought it was just an idea. Tying together verbs (five action icons in fact), text parser and touch interface sounds like an extremely difficult task to me. Also death is just for fun, it is possible to continue playing from the last action. As far as I see now SpaceVenture is slightly more old school than DFA and much more modern than Quest for Infamy.
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