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  1. Ok, so I was chuckling (like others in this thread) about the juxtaposition of Highlights and Playboy, but now that you've pointed it out...what the HECK is that in the middle back?Well, Google, thanks for that. But be ye warned before clicking: turns out, at first glance "Girls and Corpses" is EXACTLY what it sounds like. What in the... But I'm still afraid I'm missing a joke here. What kind of magazine is "Highlights"?
  2. Never heard of the man or the show so... ok. Now THAT'S from a show I know. :-)
  3. Hi there. I haven't read the whole thread, but wile I see several of the wonderful Daedalic games here, what I haven't seen mentioned is A New Beginning. I personally liked it a lot, it had a contemporal topic, a serious story with a good dose of humour, likable characters, great dialogues and good puzzles. Unfortunately, I heard that the english voice acting is pretty bad but in German it sounds great. Other adventures I liked: The Whispered World Secret Files: Tunguska & Secret Files 2 (haven't played part 3 yet) Lost Horizon Ben There, Dan That Time, Gentlemen, Please! Runaway 1, 2 & 3 Overclocked Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People
  4. Well, I'll be plying it on Steam and usually it's not a problem there to choose the language you want to play in and download the speech files. I'm German and play most of my games in English on Steam. I don't know how it works with Android though...
  5. Usually I would say Esc. But you mention in the first post that it will be possible to pause and open up the menu during a cutscene. Which by the way is great and something done far too rarely in video games. So the pause menu should be on Esc all the time. For skipping cutscenes I would then choose Enter I guess. Spacebar would also work but I'll go with Enter for the poll.
  6. Hey, loved that episode. There were some very interesting stories. I'm from West Germany myself (although it isn't called that anymore of course) but that's still close engough to be excited to hear your stories, Oliver. So, greeting from almost home. ;-)
  7. Hi there. This is the first time I look nto the thread, so I don't know all the original options. But really, thise two were the msot popular? I find them both terrible! And I don't even know what "Broken Age" is supposed to mean... The two new suggestions "The Divide" and "Worlds Apart" sound better. I haven't really decided yet. They are both not perfect, but might work. Gotta think about this some more.
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