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  1. Huh...I actually just tried it right now and I was able to pick it up. That's weird. Maybe it bugged on me earlier?
  2. Can you pick up the book once you find it, or do you just read it and head back to Jinn? Or maybe I didn't really find the book? I was stuck on this for a while earlier today.
  3. Would it be out of line to point out how pretty Anna is? Awesome episode guys! I may be a slacker backer, but I WILL be getting a physical copy of your documentary when it releases to the public. Then I'll force it on everyone....forever. Nah but I'll probably force some friends to watch it.
  4. I am so glad my curiosity compelled me to click here. Hilarious.
  5. Trying to juggle between Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Paper Mario, and Muramasa: The Demon Blade. Agh...and then Dawnguard comes out tomorrow...
  6. A high school setting featuring Penguins and a teenage intellectual (Einstein, Aristotle, Socrates) who is outcast by his fellow students for a theory or idea they have formed that just might be true. This idea might even drastically affect the lives of all the penguin students. But being an outcast due to being considered a nerd and of course being the only human there, no penguin will give him the time of day. Could even be a parody of global warming or something. Like teenage Al Gore discovers that the overall temperature of the school is rising and none of the penguins believe him (for the same reasons mentioned above) and you have to help him either prove it to them or discover the source of the rise in temperatures and end it before the entire school starts to melt. Along the way, the kids (depending on their age) would either learn of what to expect when they get to that age and reject or embrace some of the ideas, or if they're already out of high school, they'll sort of re-live or identify with certain happenings between the penguins in the school. Or maybe even with the one human. Hmmm....is that considered an Ice World?
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