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  1. Slight chance we might be able to find somewhere at the "Promenade" section north of the Convention Centre (Map) I didn't even think of this place last year, never even checked it out... Just throwing that out there cause its got some places we can grab a bite to eat/drink and should be able to find a place for us to loiter about, possibly under cover. Plus its a stones throw away from PAX. But yeah, sucks that again we have to battle the weather for PAX meetups.
  2. Maybe don't worry about the BBQ, but just catch up and have some eats in a nearby park or something. But if the weather is rubbish, just do what we did last time and just have a catch up at a near by food court.
  3. Well I know I'm in. Thanks Cheese I terms of times for a meet up. I'm pretty easy in terms of what time people can agree on. If I HAD to choose, it would be either Sat 2pm/Sun 12pm. The only reason I'm not 100% down with Friday is that the only thing that "clashes" with that time that I have the slightest interest in would be the Rooster Teeth panel. But as I said before I'm Ok with anytime really.
  4. Oh, I was thinking more just a standard dvd case release type deal... But oh man, those WERE the days!! The packaging for old PC games were the best! I will always remember the Zak McKracken Box that came with the National Inquisitor and the Exit visa Codes we had a pair of nose glasses as well (The store we brought it from gave them to us for free, guess they just got them from the $2 store, still awesome freebie) But they were like getting the collectors edition of a game, but it was just the standard everyday edition. I do miss that about games these days..
  5. I'm with you on that. Thou I was always going to play the first Act Day 1 even if I wasn't a backer Oh man, my heart sunk when I saw that Broken Age dropped 10 spots on Steam But yeah, I know there are alot of people that would rather play the game once its fully released. My last job, I worked in an Online Video game retail store. Once the Walking Dead GOTY came to our warehouse, it was one of our best sellers for quite a while/it was something that we were always restocking. I remember that as part of the kickstarter campaign, they had a physical copy of the game as part of the tiers. Could this mean that they are going to release a "physical" copy of the game once it's complete? I know I would buy a copy (seeing how I didn't have the money spare to back that particular tier) I'm sure there are alot of people that haven't embraced the digital market and would buy a copy
  6. MacCave, don't be a tuna head. Anyway.. Finished playing it the other day and had an absolute blast with it! I cannot wait for Act II! Grats to all the team at DF. Thou the journey of this kickstarter project is drawing to close! It's be a great ride that I think alot of us don't want to end once the final Act has been released! Does Massive Chalice have a slacker backer option?
  7. All three of those subtitles have been out of place for me as well... Also I had the game randomly exit out to the desktop with no error message or nothing. Only happened once during Vella's story (around halfway through) Also I noticed during Shay's story when you first meet Marek, during the cutscene when he is facing forwards (His hands are behind his back, but you can see his hands in front of him. Other than that, I had no other issues with the game during my first completion. Might go back later today/tomorrow and have another go and see if I can find anything else. Shit-top Computer: AMD 7750 Dual-Core 2.70Ghz 4GB RAM Radeon HD 4300/4500 series
  8. I managed to get my key.. downloading now. Sadly thou having free communal internet with the other 20 or so people living in the same building. Someone is hogging the downloads, so it could be a while before I get to test it out. Downloads are ranging from 10-50kb/s.. *sigh*
  9. Hahaha they are already claiming that 50% of the three-day passes have sold... wow
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  11. The one with the grumpy faces? Wasn't that on Ron's camera? Great meet up, but my feet were soaking for the rest of PAX. Loved the crochet voodoo doll and the code wheels. Good to meet everyone! Sorry just got home from a party... pretty drunkard.. but i shall hound Ron during a more sober state for that photo
  12. The one with the grumpy faces? Wasn't that on Ron's camera? Great meet up, but my feet were soaking for the rest of PAX. Loved the crochet voodoo doll and the code wheels. Good to meet everyone! YES! I do believe Ron's quote was "We cannot smile in this picture"
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