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  1. You guys are awesome! I followed this thread (ofc) and i just want to thank you a thousand times, now i kinda have an idea what i need to do. I'm even surprised that Chris posted on here! I'm going to follow your advice as good as i can and try to start making games. I really really was a bit depressed at first, but you guys sparked my flame of hope again. Thank you for that. I think i'm gonna save this thread in some form. As a reminder, and maybe for when i stumble upon other people with the same problem. Again, thank you very much. Keep on being awesome.
  2. Hello my dear Adventurers I have a problem! I'm 21 and i just passed my state-exam, that allows me to go studying in a university. Now, my dream is to work one day in the game industry as a developer. I want to create worlds to explore, storys to be told, battles to be fought, etc. you get the idea. I live in Switzerland, where we have a QANTM-private university, then a Design-School where you can study Game-design, and then there's the ETH Zürich (dunno what it's called in english) where you can study computer science. QANTM is expensive as hell. Not really an option. The Design-School wants a Portfolio with my artistic work, plus you have to complete an artistic homework. On top of all that, you need one year of practical expirience of roughly what you want to study. Problem is, i'm not really the artistic type. I don't draw or paint, i don't have any expirience in 3-d modeling, i don't do Photoshop and blargh you get it. I have no Portfolio whatsoever, and to get a year of practical expirience in a design-job could prove difficult, because every male in Switzerland needs to go trough a 21-week military thing, so i'm flat out not available for 21 week from october until march. Si this seems even less available than the QANTM. Lastly, the ETH. Problem there is, that there's not really an emphasis on game design and stuff. There's just a little project-thingy, where you learn to create a simple game and then do it in a small group. This would be the best to reach for me, but i don't know if that's what i really need and want, if i want to work in the game industry. I'm kinda desperate now, i seriously feel like crying. My dream seem to have jumped away from me and i'm unable to grasp it. Maybe there are great Universities in other countries. Do you know about them? What's the situation in America, Germany, France? I really could use a helping hand right now. Is there maybe another way than studying? Are there studios that help people like me getting into the buiseness via practica or something like that? Like i said, i could really need some help and a cheer-me up.
  3. Without reading what's already been posted, here are some ideas from me: - Inside a Planet, and i mean literally inside, like the planet is just a marble that's empty on the inside, and when you always walk to the right you will sometimes come back to the point where you started. - Inside an Animal. Be it a real Animal or a made-up animal from the World of the DFA. - Inside a Volcano. That would be the fire level. - A Circus, maybe? - On a wacky Farm. Maybe a Cat-Farm. Or a Squirrel-Farm. I don't know. - Inside or on something that's falling down. Maybe a Building that was teleported and ended up mid-air, or a rocket that fails and is about to crash down. The Character could make a joke about how it takes forever to actually crash. - A Hospital for Teddys. - On a Mountain. Inside a Mountain. At a Mountain. JUST PUT A HUGE FRIKKIN MOUNTAIN IN IT! - A World that is governed by giant Cats. Or Tiny Dogs. Or where Mice are the smartest beings. Or all of this together. IDK. - A Coin Factory maybe? - On the Moon? An a Moon where Volcanoes are erupting? A Moon with a forest? - At the House of a Yeti. You could drink Tea with the Yeti. Or Sasquatch or how you americans call him. - A World made out of Cheese. Or Candy. Or Chocolate. Just a short little Brainstorm. - Inside A BRAIN!!!
  4. Wow, i'm actually surprised that Switzerland is among the 1%-Countries. Neat to see that there are so many enthusiasts in my country.... just.... where are all these people???
  5. Slacker Backer here! Sorry that i'm late for the party. It's very very inspirational to see what's happening at DF. I'm so happy to have bought the package. If someone from DF actually gets to read my post, now following is a list what i like about Adventure Games (It will contain Nostalgia, because i grew up with Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and some fanboyism for Grim Fandango, because i've played it recently) What I love: Pacing; it's better you are abit too slow than too fast in regards to story or gameplay, but IMO, Adventure Games have hit the pacing very good, most of the time. Memorable Characters; Of course Main Characters like Manny and Guybrush, but also (wacky) sidekicks like Meathook or Olivia. These are the things that are the heart and soul of a game, and when i compare characters from my childhood, with characters from games now, i can't shake of the feeling, that the ones from my childhood were more loveable/hateable and less chliché than todays Gamecharacters. Humor; Adventure Games were and are still the funniest games to me. That ties in with the Characters, OFC. Puzzles; I just love good, mindbending puzzles with logical conclusions. Like changing the automatic answer on the Computer in Grim Fandango, so that Eva signs the paper. But... What I hate: Puzzles; ... I hate puzzles if their solution is plain ridiculous, totally illogical and/or there isn't a little hint how to solve them. Puzzles like these break the flow of the game. Pixel-Searching; I hope that explains itself. It's just annoying to search for the one pixel that leads to the only way to proceed. Just no. Breaking the fourth wall (a bit too many times); Breaking the fourth wall might be funny onc or twice, but if there are too many direct references to the outside world or direct interactions with it it breaks the immersion. Heavily. So, thats about it. I know that some things not only apply to Adventure Games, but i thought i should write it down anyway. In general i absolutely love a great story with cool memorable characters. The icing on the cake for me is then, if it also looks great and has an absolutely great OST ( i have the OST of Grim Fandango and a bunch of other games on my iPod) I'm sure you will create something great. Fun Fact: I didn't really realize that Tim Schafer was behind many games that I love until DFA was already fully funded. So yeah, that's why i'm late. But still, i'm here now. And i'm excited. Proto
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