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  1. Can't install on Wii U

    If you keep getting error 105 try this
  2. MMoJ Now on Android! You can use this application to back up and restore relatively easily. There are tools for stock Android, but they're a little less user-friendly. As for the Cloud sync from a programmer perspective, it's all right here: You could also use the new Google Play Games for achievements, cross device sync, etc, but that's much newer.
  3. AF Prototype Support Thread

    No word yet, but AF just ended Wed and we spent most of yesterday packaging the AF prototypes for distribution. I'd say next week for the CQ fix, provided we can make the time for it. Will we ever get the CQ fix? I had the problem with the invincible rat as well on Win 7 64, and I found that it was fixed by simply setting the compatibility settings of the executable to Windows XP (Service Pack 2).
  4. I encountered 2 places so far where characters will just get stuck and can't be moved anymore when using 5760x1080. There is no way to change the resolution without exiting the game so it's quite annoying.
  5. Team Fortress 2 promos