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  1. ahh! i thought there was no email for me but then... i checked the spam folder and do you know what was in there? ...ooh
  2. They could've given us a $0.3mil game but the Kickstarter blew up into a $3mil project. They could've kept all the money and still made a $0.3mil game but they won't do that. We will get our funds worth. It just so happens that this $3mil almost doubled. They raised the quality bar and the cost went with it too. WE BELIEVE IN YOU GUYS! YOU CAN DO IT!! IT'LL BE GREAT, DON'T WORRY (TOO MUCH)!!
  3. Splitting the game into two Acts is not all that bad. It gives you a break from all that adventuring. I'd rather have the game split into two than for all of that great storytelling reduced into compressed little package (less game, essentially). This ain't the Need For Speed. I feel like there is enough hype at the moment for people to respond to Act I on Steam Early Access. It is still a gamble but I think it's worth jumping on. I am very eager to play the game as it stands. I'm sure there are plenty of non-backers who have been looking forward to this game since Grim Fandango. Like any creative project, this game has grown to an unpredictable state from the initial idea. Now, it's a mammoth of ideas. It could've been a simple flash game but they are raising their own bar. I've got no problem with them needing more money if it means that they'll be able to create something which may end up becoming a ClassicAdventureGameâ„¢. The team can't make a game on empty stomachs.
  4. !!!!!!!!!!!! Please, everyone donate to this. Even the smallest amount helps... I'm getting the boxed version. Why? Well, it's a 21st CENTURY ADVENTURE GAME! which is utilizing hand-made claymation by a fantastic comic book artist who also created Earthworm Jim. This is kind-of a "sequel" to The Neverhood (they couldn't get the rights) - a true cult classic game. They tried to make a movie but that flopped. I'm scared that they won't get enough funds for the tonnes and tonnes of clay which they are going to need.... TO MAKE THE AWESOME. IT WILL BE AWESOME. C'MON, BACK ARMIKROG!!11oneeleven
  5. a set of mini living capsules - which were once part of a larger lego-like apartment block which has now fallen apart - floating in a swamp of honey, with the occasional lightning bolt inside the honey
  6. Looks like a "paper cut-out" - I think that's a good thing! It's a strange and surreal style which I rarely see in games. I like how his beard and beanie bobble as he walks too. Is he drifting along the ground still? I can't tell.
  7. - Nikola Tesla's lab if he ended up building that theoretical deathray of his - a flight in Da Vinci's helicopter - inside a giant gramophone which leads to a secret catacomb filled with talking neon scorpions - a prison for giant chickens inside a planet-sized beehive
  8. I can't remember back that far but I know for sure it was in the days of floppy disks... I think it was Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis! My parents had something to do with it.. as they were both big fans of Star Wars + Indiana Jones films. ... but it never stopped there. Played many different games but I kept finding myself returning to adventure games (specifically the LucasArts ones - my favourite)... they just had this magical charm that I couldn't find by shooting monsters from hell, flying through space and jumping onto platforms.
  9. I realise that this is early pre-viz stuff but a few things have come to mind... I think we should be able to interact with items in different ways - the verbs ('look', 'use', 'talk' etc.) are still great. I don't really like the one-click-does-all type, for a game with a lot of dialogue anyway. The characters get to say more things when they 'look' at items - often very funny. Click-and-hold/tap-and-hold verb coin type? Not sure about the item-highlighting, I think it detracts from being absorbed into a 'world'. I like the lighting, fog and the fades between rooms and overall, great sequence! It looks amazing. I was thoroughly amused by the exchange between Hipster Lumberjack and the Dialogue Tree and +1 for cameo from our beloved Hipster Lumberjack! ('Twould be a nice in-joke for all us backers.)
  10. About to play Gemini Rue... I've heard good things. WEEEEEEE
  11. I found the Machinarium's math-like puzzles a little bit too hard - like I was doing an IQ test or something. I did manage to finish it but it did get insanely frustrating once or twice. The adventure must flow... +1 to solutions to dramatic situations > number crunching and button pushing
  12. So many games but only a few have really stuck with me over the years... I liked Zork: Grand Inquisitor more than the other Zork games.. it is, by far, the weirdest and quirkiest Zork game and it's a kind of anti-Myst game. The others just creep me out. Blade Runner.. one of my pre-Grim Fandango favourites! Mind you, I hadn't heard of the movie until after playing it (that's weird, right?)... I never got bored even when I was stuck.. full of atmospheric sounds and scenes. At the time, I thought the graphics were the best ever. Finished Toonstruck last year. It was pretty cool... I'd much rather replay DOTT before replaying Toonstruck though. Not sure if it's technically an adventure game (strategy-adventure?) but did anyone ever play the original DUNE game from 1992? My copy came in that double-box with The 7th Guest. I think I might go play Beneath A Steel Sky now...
  13. Woah, hey. So, I just made this account. I don't even have an avatar.. I'm faceless! Anyway, to the important bit... 31(?) pages in already.. yikes.. but I figure it won't hurt to suggest some locales and dimensions: * A floating city powered by HOT ENGLISH MUSTARD!! (.. or some other condiment ... an effective fuel but not always the best idea - often in short supply, not to everyone's taste and the pipes clog up on a regular basis) * Dracula's Castle after it has been put back on the real estate market, renovated and sold to ______ (some kind of vampire metaphor) -- think of Stan from Monkey Island, a (scarily) happy family of half-man half-poodles, an aerobics class, ninja academy, publishers who don't believe in adventure games etc. * A laundromat-maze (i.e. a giant coin-op laundromat which you can easily find yourself lost in.. kinda like a hall of mirrors at a carnival) * Mariachi band tour van .. one of those "how did I get here and how do I get out of here?" moments * the small gang-controlled town from Yojimbo but with everything made of crystals * Modular furniture dimension - society revolves around the constant re-positioning of marshmallowy cubes * Alt: combine everything above into one awesome location!! Well, I could keep going but I'm happy with 7. Ta dah!
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