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  1. Congrats to the Reds team on your RC! I hope you're all home sleeping now instead of reading this. : ) (Although, maybe sleeping through the weekend is a bit much. Except for you Greg -- we appreciate you posting updates on a Sunday!)
  2. I have still no videos in my humblebundle-libary. What is wrong? Were are the videos? I think they're only . My HB library page and my HB AF key URL (which previously took me to the voting page) both take me to the same library page that only lists the prototypes for download.I guess they weren't able to get both uploads available at the same time and are now postponing the HB library uploads until they are no longer "rough cuts"? I don't think video downloads were available very quickly for AF2012 either, but I'm not sure. I believe they're busy polishing up the videos for the Collector's Edition Blu-ray. Not sure if those versions will be made available to sub-$35 backers.
  3. The humblebundle page changed the link from AF2012 to AF2014 after the first video was posted. I think that confused a lot of people (or just me).
  4. It's awesome that you can play with a controller, but does anyone know how to skip a line of dialogue? I think holding B skips the conversation, but I can't find the right-click equivalent.
  5. I think the dialogue was Vella trying to sound cool. Something like: "Of course I know about Yorn. Everyone knows about Yorn. But just so I know that you really know about Yorn, why don't you tell me your version of Yorn?" However, I couldn't get them to repeat the riddle again after that first time. (Which seemed odd for an adventure game puzzle. : )
  6. Woah! I submitted the same suggestion before I read your post. I'm not a fan of most of the provided names (voted for small offerings because it sounded the most interesting and unique but still relevant). The Divide captures more of Tim's synopsis, although it's not terribly unique (typical "the noun"). My other ideas like The Long Divide don't sound as nice or get too punny. Anyway, way to think of the bright idea first! I like the ivi logo suggestion too. Wonder what Bagel would make from that.
  7. For what it's worth, $100k is an entry-level (new grad) salary for a programmer at some (non-game) companies in San Francisco. Also, the free ice-cream buffet is important to keep morale up. Didn't your hear what Anna said happens when morale gets low? (Hint: A ____ of [del]crows[/del] co-workers.)
  8. My immediate response to this pitch was excitement about being a bird and having to win over other birds to build up your flock (even though that wasn't described). I'm fascinated by the idea of applying traditional game mechanics (levelling up, gaining NPC trust, completing quests) to the life of an animal. I actually like that more than the idea of the whole flock being other players. Adding a flying system where either you're the lead bird and you're trying to fly the best route (using your flock to intimidate predators, avoid obstacles, catch food, or dazzle bird watchers) or trying to keep in formation (and possibly compete for lead bird position). I think the flying system could have UI to indicate where you should fly to maintain your flocking position. Like JP mentioned, you could use the Boids algorithm to determine where the UI tells you to fly. As a bird, you could decide whether you wanted to stay in formation (which earns you points with your neighbouring birds) or fly off on your own (be a hero but risk angering the flock). Awesome idea Greg!
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